Sharon Wright September 27, 2017

Outdoor games are one of the best parts of every summer. Often extending even into the fall months, they provide a great combination of active and social fun. If you come alive when you get to enjoy a nice game of darts or horseshoes with some of your favorite people, then this is for you. There are countless ways to personalize and customize your lawn games, and most of them require very little effort or investment. These are some of the best ways to make most lawn games into something even more your own.


 Obviously, lighting is essential to playing when the sun goes down. But, many people fail to recognize the opportunity to fuse form and function into something truly magnificent. Just a simple rim of Christmas-style lights can create an ambiance to go with your games. If you crave more creative results, LEDs and glow sticks can transform the games themselves with interesting hues that create amazing effects. Cornhole board lights can rim the hole or the edge of the board to create useful illumination that carries impact.

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 It’s the simplest idea, but most lawn games have pieces you can safely paint. Even the most basic approach lets you decorate the game with a meaningful color scheme. Whether it’s the primaries of your alma mater or a patriotic theme, it’s a great way to put a personal touch on a good time. Of course, you can delve much deeper. Stencils enable you to add a personal message to parts of the game. If you have the skills and resources, a cornhole board can become a mural. On a similar note, you can simply grab some decals and add them to components of your game to get your favorite designs for a lot less work.


 The stuff before was mere child’s play. If you take your lawn-based entertainment, then some masterful woodworking is the only satisfactory answer. Again, you can start simply. With or without stencils, you can etch names, designs or even an important message into the wood. A basic game of Kubb gets a dramatic facelift just by putting names or markers on each side. For the truly devoted, you can cut custom shapes into your set. Imagine knocking down Lombardi trophies instead of simple wooden blocks. There isn’t a real limit to what a little ingenuity and a set of skilled hands can accomplish.

From easy cornhole board lights to ring tosses made of figurines, customized games are all about the personal touch. What are some of your favorite ideas?