Kirk Barney January 4, 2020

League of Legends is a fast game that combines elements of RTS and RPG. Two teams of powerful heroes fight on different battlefields and in many modes. Thanks to the ever-expanding list of heroes, frequent updates and great, growing League of Legends tournaments, it provides game joy for players of all levels.

A real fight

Combine strategic thinking, quick reflexes and team work to crush opponents in small skirmishes and fierce 5v5 battles. Now with the rank elo boost in tft you can experience the best.

Develop a strategy and develop yourself

Thanks to regular updates, many maps and game modes, and the constant appearance of new heroes, the only limit to success is your ingenuity

Whether you’re playing with bots or climbing the league system table, League of Legends can quickly match opponents of similar levels.

Fight honorably

Fight honorably and receive special praise from other players.

Try e-sport

As one of the most dynamic sports in the world, League of Legends can boast of many tournaments around the world, including the Championship Series in which professional players fight for millions of dollars.

There are many factors for a successful battle at Field of Justice. Here you will learn about the basics of the game, learn its mechanics through the tutorials and take the first steps on Summoner’s Rift.


The league is full of heroes of all types from evil geniuses to truly mythical creatures. Different heroes have their roles and tactics, so don’t be discouraged if the first one you play doesn’t match your playing style.

Browse the full list of heroes

  • Controlling the hero
  • With a few exceptions, the characters are controlled as in a traditional RTS.


  • To move the hero, right-click the place to go.
  • To attack the enemy, click on the PPM target.
  • To cast a spell, click LPM its icon or use the keyboard shortcut (default Q, W, E and R) and then click the target.
  • Controls can be changed in the options menu.


There are three roads that connect both bases. They are called alleys, this is the main place of clashes between teams. To win, you must move the front on your own alley to the enemy base and destroy the nexus there.


The creatures are soldiers controlled by the AI, appearing at the nexus and marching along the alleys towards the enemy base, attacking enemies along the way. By inflicting the last blow on the creature, the hero receives gold. The creatures prefer to fight with each other, but they will attack the hero if they encounter him alone. They will also attack you if you attack a hero who is their ally. Don’t underestimate the power of a large wave of creatures, especially at the beginning of the game!