Sharon Wright August 9, 2022

Utilizing an Amazon product finder has the advantage of lowering the amount of guessing required on your behalf by giving precise information on a certain product (e.g., high revenue, flat seasonality, low number of sellers, low number of reviews, ease of finding the product on Alibaba, etc.). An Amazon product finder gives you the information you need to locate a profitable product that is ready to sell by providing simple access to trustworthy data. Amazon product discovery tool makes finding market possibilities on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart easier than ever before without needing precise product IDs!

The Most Comprehensive Amazon Product Search Tool

For the Amazon Shopper Panel initiative, Amazon polled 12,000+ in-market panellists to better understand consumers’ online and offline buying behaviors. We questioned the panellists about their shopping experiences across seven categories—apparel, shoes, fashion accessories, sports equipment, bedding, electronics, and toys—to better understand how consumer preferences differ depending on the things they purchase.

  • On Amazon, discover ideas for products that are in great demand and have little competition.
  • Using intelligent filters get unanticipated inspiration based on your precise requirements, specialty, and preferences.
  • Organize, sort, and save results for later use.

The vast majority of panellists polled learn about brands online.

In all categories, panellists mostly learn about new businesses via digital media and advertisements, including search, social media, email, and video. But there were distinctions among the classifications. The majority of respondents—nearly two out of three—find new companies when they buy for fashion items, gadgets, and toys on websites. One in five respondents also find new brand inspiration at physical stores, even if the majority also believe that online media is the primary source for brand discovery when shopping for shoes and bedding.

This underlines the importance of launching upper-funnel advertising and connecting with clients at the start of their purchasing journeys. It’s important to note that channel metrics like impressions and clicks don’t accurately reflect the effects of these upper-funnel campaigns. We advise clients to assess the performance of marketing campaigns using KPIs like brand recall and branded search traffic.

More than half of those surveyed conduct internet product research.

The great majority of panellists conduct online product research across all categories. Nearly 70% of the people whose purchasing experiences were assessed for electronics do most of their product research online. Online media has a significant impact on how consumers learn about businesses while shopping for fashion accessories. But when it comes to product research, offline sources are important; 42 percent of respondents look at fashion accessories both online and offline.

Brands that wish to interact with customers throughout the research phase must be ready to connect with unsure customers online and have the appropriate tool sets and message to influence their choices. Remarketing is an excellent approach to remind consumers about your product, but knowing your customers’ requirements and actively disclosing the ways you meet those needs may make you stand out among your competitors.

Your requirements for the amazon product discovery Program are listed below:

  • Pick products that might sell at least 10 units each day.
  • Use aspects from the best-selling product that are similar to your own.
  • A minimum of one of the 5,000 primary categories is also included.
  • Select an item that is not delicate.
  • Fragile makes shipping more difficult.
  • Not the seasonal goods, once more.
  • Select a product that you could sell all year round.
  • You have greater chances the more products you utilize.
  • Naturally, select goods devoid of any brand names or trademarks.
  • You ought to be able to grow your product line.
  • Pick a product that will appeal to customers effortlessly.
  • Finally, and most crucially, pick a product that has no legal problems.