Kirk Barney October 8, 2022

Even if you never planned to work from home, the global lockdown and social distancing have almost certainly changed your mind about it. Millions of people around the globe are already capitalizing on remote full-time jobs and earning pretty high salaries. So, we decided to analyze today’s labor market and tell you about several positions that can be mastered in a relatively short period of time.

Web designer

Since most companies need a web presence, designers who are able to create unique visual content and interfaces for various sites are greatly appreciated. To find remote work in this field, you will need an excellent portfolio. And if you don’t have one, you can apply to some design school, take your preferred courses, and get the initial work experience you need. Depending on your qualifications, your salary will range from €1300 to €4500.


This position suggests the ability to create unique textual content. However, many candidates do not realize that this profession has several promising niches. For example, the most typical position is a creative content writer. As a rule, such employees write texts for various information sites and blogs. As for the higher paying positions, you should look for sales copywriters who get more money for less work. The only catch is that sales copywriting is much more difficult to master than regular informational texts.

Video editor

Given that millions of people have become interested in video blogging these days, you can easily find a job in this field and work from home as a video editor. The beauty of this profession is that there is a ton of free information about the principle of video editing on the web. Therefore, you can download a course from some recognized professional, master the basic editing software, and start earning pretty quickly. The most skilled professionals can accumulate about 52 000 euros per year in this industry. And when it comes to beginners, they earn approximately €25 000 annually.

YouTube or Twitch content creator

Given that YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world, it gives you a myriad of opportunities to earn money remotely. If you are an expert in a certain subject or just know how to tell cool stories in video format, this video hosting service can become a perfect full-time job for you. Twitch, on the other hand, is the video streaming mastodon that is more suited to communicative content creators who can entertain viewers live.


Although this job is quite common these days, many people still do not know anything about it. The idea here is that you need to run your e-commerce store and promote the products of your partner manufacturers. If you manage to get a customer to make a purchase, he/she will complete the checkout process on your platform. After that, you will only have to send the completed order to your manufacturer, and it will handle the shipping side of this deal.