Kirk Barney January 3, 2021

Gambling is a rather controversial thing that people love and hate equally. Considering the fact that more than half of the population of the world is trapped indoors due to the pandemic situation, online gambling had got a new meaning altogether. If you too want to play online Planet 7 Oz casino, you should research heavily on the games that you want to play.

One of the most interesting topics in the world of gambling has been the total number of scandals that have taken the gamblers by shock. Here is a list of the mega scandals of the gambling industry.

  1. Boston College Basketball Fixing Scandal

Several investigations have found that in between 1978-1979, a betting cartel made use of a basketball team to fix games and increase winnings. The project seemed to be profitable for the masterminds, the Perla Brothers who recruited several associates. They hardly knew that one of their own, Henry Hill, would turn things round to save his skin. Henry was later on charged and arrested for drug trafficking. All the participants were charged with bribery which led to 4-12 years of imprisonment.

  1. Pete Rose scandal

He was one of the best baseball players and with this scandal he threw away all his sports achievements into the drain. Later on he was accused to be guilty of betting for games that he played and even those games which were played during his tenure as a manager. He didn’t accept that he placed any bets for any game but the damage was already done by that time.

  1. Ron Harris Scandal

He was a programmer that the Nevada Gaming board trusted him to rectify bugs in slot machines and stick to them. He also found out that the machines were reprogrammable and decided to exploit his gain. He replaced the original chips with his own and he could manipulate the software and also win jackpots from various casinos. His exploit became maximum when he asked for help from Reid McNeal to hit a jackpot. Ron was found guilty and this led to 7 years of imprisonment.

  1. Louis Colavecchio

He was a person who could manufacture his own slot machine coins that resembled the ones that were used in casinos. This way he earned a lot. The casino operators gradually noticed there was a huge surge in their inventories. When this investigation started, Louis was apprehended. All his tools were confiscated and he was put to jail.

  1. Black Friday Scandal

This scandal included 3 US based poker sites that were all found guilty for different reasons. The charges ranged from violation of UIGEA act to bank fraud and carrying out illegitimate gambling activities. The eleven defendants were sentenced to several years in prison.

Apart from the above listed five scandals, there were many more that made into the headlines. This shows that the gambling industry is not as rosy as it seems. Systems can be easily manipulated and things may go haywire anytime.