Kirk Barney October 6, 2023

Bedside tables are an essential piece of bedroom furniture that provides functionality and style to your sleeping space. While they may seem like an optional extra, bedside tables offer many benefits that make your bedroom feel more complete. This blog will explore some of the top reasons why investing in a quality set of bedside tables is a worthwhile decision for any bedroom.

1.   Functionality

One of the primary purposes of a bedside table is to provide surfaces for necessities within easy reach of the bed. Bedside tables allow you to keep items like books, glasses, phones, lamps, alarm clocks and tissues close at hand without cluttering up your bed. This prevents you from having to lean over or get out of bed unnecessarily during the night. Bedside tables also offer storage for personal items like jewelry, medicines or remotes. Their drawers provide hidden storage that keeps your bedroom tidy.

2.   Ambience

In addition to functionality, bedside tables help create a welcoming ambience in the bedroom. A stylish bedside table on each side of the bed frames the sleeping area and makes it feel like a dedicated space for rest and relaxation. Lamps on the tables provide task and accent lighting to set the right mood. Photos, plants or decorative accessories on the surfaces add personality and visual interest. The right bedside tables can tie into your overall bedroom decorating style and elevate its aesthetic appeal.

3.   Versatility

Bedside tables are versatile pieces of furniture that can work with any type of bedframe and bedroom style. They come in a variety of designs from traditional to modern to match different interior aesthetics. You can find bedside tables in wood, metal, glass or composite materials to suit your preferences. Sizes range from compact options for small spaces to roomier designs. Dual-purpose tables with drawers and open shelves bring extra functionality. Their versatility allows bedside tables to fit seamlessly into any bedroom configuration.

4.   Longevity

Unlike other bedroom accessories, well-made bedside tables are investments that can last for years with proper care. Solid wood constructions withstand regular use while metal frames hold up against bumps and scratches. Quality bedside tables maintain their structural integrity through frequent opening and closing of drawers. If you take care to protect their surfaces from damage, the same bedside tables can seamlessly transition between bedrooms and homes as your needs change. Their enduring style and functionality make bedside tables worthwhile additions to any bedroom.

5.   Convenience

Bedside tables provide unparalleled convenience in the bedroom. Having a surface right beside the bed means you no longer have to reach across or get up to interact with items during the night. Glasses, books and devices are always within arm’s length for a hassle-free experience. Bedside tables also make it easy to charge phones and other gadgets while in bed. Their drawers keep small essentials organized so you don’t waste time rummaging through piles to find what you need at night. This level of accessibility and organization brings unbeatable convenience to your sleeping space.


As this blog outlined, bedside tables offer immense value and benefits beyond their aesthetic purpose in the bedroom. From functionality and ambience to versatility, convenience, and resale value – bedside tables enhance every aspect of the sleeping experience. For a small investment, you gain optimized storage, lighting options, device charging stations, and more right beside the bed. Their enduring quality also means the value lasts for years of use. If you don’t already own a set of bedside tables, consider adding this essential bedroom furnishing piece, especially when considering mattress size in australia, to complete your sleeping space.