Edith Bryant February 16, 2022

You may be pretty familiar with the pipes present under your sink or drain in your shower, as you have most likely not given it a second thought over the pipes connecting to your home over to the public water and sewage system. The pipe mainly works on heavy-duty for your home.

The below mentioned are more information on the common signs that you have issues with the main water line of your home!

1. Significant increase in water bills

Water bills during summer are often higher than expected due to water used in lawns, frequent showering, and filling up the pool. But, you may leak in your main water line if your water bills appear to be out of the ordinary.

2. Hearing strange sounds out of pipes

Does the pipe speak to you? It is probably a more systematic plumbing issue when you start to hear gurgling noises coming out of your sink while flushing the toilet or even the reverse.

3. Finding cracks or sinkholes in your foundation

A leakage in the main water line can be the reason behind significant damage to the structure of your home, along with a source that erodes the landscape.

4. Low water pressure on every faucet of your home

The low water pressure is the potential sign of a clog in your main water line. Clogs forms out of household waste along with tree root infiltration. The tree roots and clog can impose significant pressure on the pipes creating cracks. The complete piping will break if the cracks are not addressed initially. The primary responsibility of the homeowner is to repair a water line that breaks outside your home.

5. Your water is cloudy

The cloudy water can also be the cause of damaged and disintegrated pipes. At the same time, there will be a few varied causes of muddy water that include an issue with specific fixtures or problems with your water heater tank. You may encounter an issue with the main water line of your home if your residence is experiencing or undergoing such kind of issues. The experts from South West plumbing services can land at the root cause of the issue with the use of their diagnostic cameras along with the most high-end and advanced plumbing tools. These professionals even have years of expertise ensuring that they will be replacing and repairing the main water line, instantly minimizing the damages along with restoring your confidence.