Robert McDonald February 26, 2020

In order to start a good management of his budget in sports betting, it is important to start by assigning a note of confidence to the prognosis that the player puts in place. A low score on the prognosis will indicate that there is little chance that it will be achievable. A high score, on the contrary, would show that there is every chance that the bet made will be successful. Thereafter, a second step will consist in fixing a percentage of the player’s capital: the latter will correspond to the maximum mix that the latter thinks he can put into play. This maximum bet is of the order of 5% of the player’s capital. By multiplying the confidence score at this maximum bet and dividing it all by 100, the player will then manage to obtain a result on the bet of his forecast.

A speaking example: “sports betting how to win”, here is our detailed demonstration

During the tennis match between Nadal and Tsonga, the player analyzes the outcome of this meeting and decides to 먹튀검증 bet on a victory for Nadal. With any bookmaker, the player finds a rating that is likely to please him. The latter is 1.50. However, Nadal pulled out a complicated match against Tsonga in the previous round. This element will necessarily affect the confrontation of the day. Furthermore, Tsonga seems to be performing well at the moment. The player will therefore not give all his confidence to a Nadal victory. He sets a score of 60 out of 100.

The player can maintain the same table for future bets and use the already established model. Financial management is an effective method, but you must be able to analyze the meeting as a whole. It not only optimizes the bets made but also limits the breakage in the event of a losing prognosis.

The little tip for winning in sports betting: take advantage of the different bonuses offered

You will almost always be able to take advantage of a promotional offer when you register on the site of a bookmaker. You should try to make the most of these offers on your betting account. However, not all online sports betting sites offer the same bonuses and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. We will therefore detail the bonus offers from different online betting sites with their advantages and disadvantages:

Take advantage of cash back, it’s a trick to win in sports betting that has proven itself

The principle is simple, after a certain number of bets, the site offers you the possibility of placing a bet for free. Its value will be determined according to a percentage calculated in relation to the total of your bets. Thus, the return on investment is total, all the sums that you win will be net profits since no starting bet will have been placed.