Edith Bryant February 22, 2022

When you purchase a used car, one major factor determines how much value you will obtain from it. You want to make certain that the money you are spending on the new car is worth it. The average lifespan of automobiles helps you determine whether or not it is a good investment. If you know the duration of survival for your used car, you can go ahead and make plans for the future.

The average life of a used car

The average lifespan used to be substantially less than what it is now. A basic car can be expected to endure at least 12 years or 100,000 km. Advancements in technology like electric cars can enjoy life up to 300,000 miles. If you purchase a pre-owned car, you will be granted access to the mileage on the odometer. Subtract the current mileage of the car from the expected mileage, and you have the average life that is remaining for the car. Suppose you are purchasing a car that has already run 2000 miles. The lifespan of a card is 100,000 km. Therefore, the guy you were purchasing has 80,000 km of life left in it.

Earlier, when the car crossed the 100,000-mile mark, it was considered a significant achievement. However, now reaching the mark of 100,000 miles is simply a steppingstone or a midway point due to today’s advancements.

The average car’s lifespan has increased dramatically due to technological improvements in rebuilt car engines. Earlier, oil changes were recommended every 3000 miles. However, no, you can go double, triple, or even four times the distance and then change the oil. The advancements in the electronic section allow the car to perform more precisely and smoothly, further extending its lifespan.

As per Consumer Reports, the lifespan of an average car is predicted to be around eight years or 150,000 miles. Therefore, when calculating the average lifespan of a card that has been pre-owned, you just need to subtract the years that the card was on the previous ownership or the mileage that the car has already endured with the average mileage that the car is expected to endure. However, these statistics are for a basic car. If you want to find a more precise average of your car, focus on:

  • The type and make of the automobile
  • How well you maintain it.

What to do to extend the life of the car?

When you consider the lifespan of a car, you must consider the high and the low end of the spectrum. On the bottom end, you are looking at models which have component flaws. These cars, in general, will have a short lifespan and are likely to receive a lack of attention.

One of the most important factors of the automobile’s lifespan is maintenance. The better the car is maintained, the longer it will live. You need not replace the oil every month. But it is still necessary. 

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