Robert McDonald January 14, 2021

The Digital era has offered the convenience of online shopping, which is even open to buying a car. Just like delivering technology, kitchenware, electronics, appliances, and other knick-knacks to the customer’s doorstep has become easy, car shipping has also become straightforward.

It doesn’t matter if you want to have a used or a new car delivered or an antique or collectors vehicle shipped. There are many auto shipping businesses you can approach for your car’s transportation needs.

Ship a Car, Inc. is the best car shipping company in Florida with experience of three decades. They have been helping people relocate their one or several cars and businesses to move their heavy haul equipment or general freight. Dealers and corporations have been enjoying their volume relocation services.

Benefits of hiring an auto transport company for customers

  • Saves time – People can enjoy the convenience of buying a car online and even eliminate the worries about getting it delivered from the dealership. Normally, they need to visit the showroom and get the car released, which is time-consuming but working with a shipping company just get it done with a phone call.
  • Offers coverage – The shipping company offers sufficient insurance right from the pick-up process until the car gets delivered. You can relax without any concerns about transit damages. If your car gets dented, then the shipper’s insurance provider is liable for claim reimbursement.
  • Competitive prices – From an experienced shipper, you can expect high-quality services. As there is a huge competition in the transport & shipping sector, you can get the most competitive rates for car transport from the dealership to your home.
  • Flexible pickup & delivery – You just need to offer the details like dealership information, VIN, model & make of the purchased car, and the color. Pickup from the dealership is easier because usually 2 to 3 cars get loaded there and the trucker does not need to drive across the city for picking them up. Co-loading at the dealership allows keeping the rates low. Pickup time is usually faster, which means short transit time.
  • Secure delivery – A reliable car shipping company ensures vehicle safety right from pickup at the dealership until delivery at your doorstep.

Car dealerships also experience challenges, when they need to have cars shipped to other dealers residing in different cities or states. For example, the car specifications are available with you, which need to get shipped to another dealer for making the sale. So, it is crucial to choose a reliable logistic company.

Tips for car dealerships

  • Check the potential carrier’s MC and USDOT number with the FMSCA for validity. You will also get information regarding the carrier’s coverage valuation and cargo insurance.
  • Actively involved in car shipping procedures.
  • Clear any doubts regarding the terms in advance because you don’t desire to bear the penalties due to the shipper’s blunders.
  • Take contact numbers of personnel, who will stay in contact with you during transit.
  • Take pictures of the transport carrier and car getting loaded and unloaded.
  • Bill of lading includes the car’s condition in detail it is a documented proof.


A good auto logistic provider ensures that your cargo reaches the final destination on time, which means worthy business for you.