Edith Bryant February 17, 2020

Everyone sometimes finds themselves in a situation where the only thing they can do to entertain themselves is to watch movies on the internet. In the following article, we will go over some of the best old Telugu films that you can watch online. Do keep in mind that you can visit here, at the Aha movies website, to watch all of the Telugu content that will be listed below and even many more Telugu movies.

 The first movie that we will analyze in this list is the romantic drama named Padaharella Vayasu. The plot revolves around a 16-year-old girl Malli, lives in a small village. She is a successful student who aspires to be a prosperous teacher in the future. However, her plans get put into standby mode after she meets a charming, wealthy doctor she falls in love.

Next on our list is the drama film that originates back to the year 1950 named Shavukaru. In the first place, the story follows Changayya, who is a successful businessman who plans to make his closest neighbor’s daughter, his daughter-in-law, by marrying her with his son. His son is fond of the idea, but the plot thickens after the two families get into everyday conflicts due to a misunderstanding in the village, which results in catastrophic consequences for Changayya’s oldest son and the son of the neighbor previously mentioned.

Moving on, the last movie that we will go over is the adventure movie named Ali Baba 40 Dongalu. In this exciting movie, we follow the story of 40 thieves that commit various robberies in Baghdad while hiding their treasures in the cave named Sesame. The film gets heated once young Alibaba accidentally discovers the secret treasure and claims it as his own, becoming one of the wealthiest people that lived in Baghdad. You can watch all of the movies mentioned above, along with various other Telugu films at the Aha movies website.

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