Jean Morgan September 2, 2022


Smartphones are one of the most important devices and tools in our day to day lives. not only does it allow you to do almost all of your chores, but it also makes sure you are never bored and has always the ability to perform exactly the activity you need. with smartphones, surfing the web, studying, meeting virtually, playing games, getting things organised and done, all of this is possible and convenient at all times.

Due to all of these numerous advantages it is also extremely important that one takes care of their smartphone just the way they are supposed to. The functionality must be at its best and also smoothly running at all times. Due to all of the apps we use on a daily basis it is natural that your smartphone lags or even faces situations such as running out of memory and space.

However, making sure your device is well taken care of can be exhausting and also time consuming. But what if I told you that an app will be able to take care of all your apps and also keep them organised in an orderly and smart manner with no hassle whatsoever? Yes, you heard me right. With the ‘Brevent’ app, you can now sit back and relax while allowing the app to take care of all your apps.

About Brevent APK

Brevent, black prevent, may force-stop programs without root, stop apps from operating for an extended period of time. Apps not on the Bervent list will never be prevented by the app. Brevent will app-standby them if they are started and subsequently terminated (for example, by hitting Back); it will force-stop them if they time out in standby or are swiped from the recent screen.

Apps will be forcibly stopped by the app whenever they are idle.Apps in the Brevent list can be configured to “allow sync” so that they can send and receive syncing requests. Brevent won’t forcefully end “allow sync” apps that are operating in the background or receiving alerts. It also won’t standby “allow sync” apps.

Brevent requires “USB debugging” or “Wireless debugging” in the developer options and supports Android 6.0 through Android 13 Beta. The app would not function if debugging is turned off or the USB option is changed on Android 8 through Android 10. If debugging stops working when the cable is unplugged, one can try changing the USB setting. Usually, it’s fine to leave the USB option set to default.

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The app is indeed the best solution to handling and organising your apps on your smart devices at ease. All it takes is a few taps on your smart screen for you to get the task done. With Brevent by your side, you no longer need to think twice of all your apps and their functionality. All you got to do is install the app and enjoy your screen time at ease and at convenience. Do not miss out on the amazing features on the app offered now.

Download Brevent APK

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