Deborah Patterson February 7, 2022

Parsley which is also known as garden parsley and has the binomial name Petroselinum cripsum is a type or species of flowering plant which can be used as foods, herbs, or as a fruit. Parsely can be categorized into different types; curled leaf, flat-leaf or Italian parsley, turnip-rooted parsley. The planting process of parsley can be through the nursery pots or through the nursery bed before the plant is now transferred to the field for proper planting and monitoring. The flowering plants need to be treated with care and cultivated with a proper sense of growing plants, the flowering plants bear their seeds through their flowers, and if the plant itself is not taken care of, the flowers which is the potential seed will be destroyed and lost.

The planting of this flowering plant in nursery pots is just to nurture it, the nursery pots help in focusing on just a particular plant that is still a seedling or in the primitive stage of growing, doing such, the kind of soil can be determined, the kind of manure to be given, the kind of nutrients they need, the water contents and so more. The plant needs to be given time to grow in a lone space because its roots, stem, leaves are in the tender stage, and can be destroyed in unfavorable climatic or weather conditions. It is important to take care of seedlings or plants in their primitive stage so that they can also become the plant that will benefit their environment.

The benefit of parsley is so numerous and just a few of them would be stated and enunciated. The benefits are listed below.

●       Parsley is a flowering plant that helps to prevent cancer myricetin is a flavonoid and it is found in parsley. Flavonoids are naturally occurring plants that go against diseases causing agents in the body, they strengthen the anti-bodies in the human body and help them fight against such diseases. Parsley consumption helps to prevent cancer or fight cancerous cells, which also implies and proves the fact that parsley is an herb that can also be taken as a drug.

●       It helps to protect the body against diabetes and also helps strengthen the body’s bones.

●       The extract of parsley has anti-bacterial properties which can prevent the growth of bacteria in foods.

●       Parsley also helps in increasing kidney health by hydrating it.

●       It boosts immunity and promotes the liver health

●       It can be consumed by humans as food as it can be used to produce and provide various dishes.