Edith Bryant November 28, 2019


As you will see now, there is no better method to deposit on the agen bola terpercaya gambling sites, who will define it will be you, after all, you need to be comfortable with the way you choose to insert your money on your favorite site. Let’s start by introducing the more classic and traditional ways and then moving on to those that are a bit more “modern”, so to speak, and at the end of reading this article you can choose the one you like best. So come on:

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Bank slip

Paying slips was a pretty boring task. You can probably remember that time when you needed to print the ticket on your printer, run to a bank branch or lottery shop, face that 30-minute queue to make your payment. However, with Internet Banking life has improved a little and today we can pay the slips for our mobile phone or computer.

The ticket has the advantage of being very democratic, regardless of your bank, you can generate a ticket on a betting site and make the payment without difficulty. The big problem is that it may take an average of 3 business days to drop the payment to your account. Despite being very popular, it is one of the slowest filing methods today.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer, also known as Local Bank Transfer, is a slightly more interesting way than bank transfer. The idea is simple: you go to the betting site, ask for the amount you would like to enter in your account and they will ask you to deposit a very specific amount (be careful to enter the correct amount, including cents) into a bank account which will be shown to you at the end of the procedure.

When making a deposit, some banks may take an average of 3 hours for your balance to be updated, much faster than the bank slip, while in some other banks the term may be up to 1 business day. Remembering that this operation can be done over the internet without major problems. If you have an account with popular banks, you will have no problem with this option. Now banks like Santander, Mercantil do Brasil, Rural, among others, you may not have this option available.

Credit card

We arrive at the instant deposit options, ie simply request the deposit that will have already fallen into your account the next minute. These methods are really useful, especially when we want to bet on a game that will start in the next hour and our balance is zero. Credit card is one of those instant ways, but unlike an e-commerce store, where you simply choose your card’s banner, set the amount and request payment, you need to use a credit card to pay by credit card. , and the most popular among them is Entropay.