Edith Bryant March 16, 2019

If you desire to enlarge a picture as possible without loss of quality and enlarge it to save or print, you need the right editing program. We’ll enlighten you the methods to have your snapshots in all resolutions.

Enlarge Images and Retain Resolution

Of course, if you aim to enlarge an image, you can always do that with photo editing software like Gimp. However, if you increase the dimensions of the image by a high percentage, the quality of the image suffers. Especially when you desire to print the image, it is important that the picture is sharp and not washed out. A special software promises help: with the Photoshop software, the resolution of an image should be increased without abdicating quality. However there exists other alternatives like vector graphics.

Especially for image content such as emblems, coats of arms and logos, photo enlargement via vectors is suitable. Here, the image is not upscaled, but the content is converted into a vector that can be enlarged arbitrarily and without undergoing loss of quality.

A convenient solution is offered by VectorMagic. Here you upload photos in the format’s JPEG, GIF or PNG and have them automatically converted. You can then adjust the result in some parameters, for example, by color. Optionally, you can try VectorMagic as a desktop version.

Final Words

Enlarging your images might be a crucial thing to do when editing a photo. This can be encountered anytime as a professional photographer, designer or even if just a social blogger. Utilizing the right tools in this fast-paced modern graphical environment is crucial to ensure your triumph in this field.

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