Deborah Patterson December 5, 2018

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is a very long-running video game series that is published by Rockstar Games and then developed by the subsidiary companies. These games are developed primarily by Rockstar North, earlier DMA Design. There are presently sixteen games in this series and additionally, two expansion packs for an original version and two expansions for Grand Theft Auto IV including the multiplayer title. These games are released for different platforms such as PSX, PC, PS2, PS3, GBA, DS, GBC, iPhone, PSP, Android, and iPhone; however, these games are released on several platforms. The games permit the players to undertake the role of the criminals in a huge way. An individual rises in the ranks of an organized crime within the game course. Various missions have been set to complete the process via the storyline. Assassinations and the other crimes are a regular feature but the other adventures such as firefighting, taxi driving, street racing, pimping are also involved that you can do anytime when you play the game. Currently 10 worldwide gaming records جاتا held by GTA. The records include Largest Voice Cast, Most Guest Stars, and Largest in-game soundtrack among others. This series is ranked 5th in the best video game seller of all time.

Fan base

GTA has a huge fan base. There are plenty of unofficial fan sites related to the GTA games that provide the latest news, online forum, and downloading the databases. Several fan sites of GTA are there than range from a one-person bow blog to the community-based wikis to the huge download databases and to the forums that have thousands of members. Fans are involved in an activity called mudding-creating new skins, new vehicle models, re-texturing objects, and tweaking settings. These modifications are available on the fansites freely so that anyone can download as well as install it into the game. Another famous activity is stunting-performing wild stunts using vehicles that are compiled into videos. Fan Fiction is another activity. These are the stories based on the events and based around the events.

Game setting

Most of the games of the series are based on fictional locales and modeled on the cities like Vice City, Liberty City, or GTA San Andreas that are the stand-ons for Miami, New York city, and California respectively. The first game has three fictional cities while the subsequent ones had a single setting. The game series focuses on many protagonists who make an attempt to rise via the ranks of the criminal world.