Kirk Barney December 3, 2020

Carpet cleaning is necessary because it is the only product that bears all dirt off the floor. We walk with shoes and dirty feet on it, pets jump around on the carpet and lick or drop saliva on it, kids throw eatables which may stick to it for a long time that turns into germs. If you want a healthy environment inside your home without any germs, bacteria, and allergens, then regular carpet cleaning is necessary.

There are various types of carpets available in carpet. Various DIY methods are used to keep the carpet cleaned. However, when you have the entire floor carpeted and furniture on top of it, then it is wise to hire a carpet cleaning company to get fine work. Most of the companies nowadays, use eco-friendly products that are safe for family and pets.

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Some people think that regular vacuuming is enough to maintain hygiene. Well, the answer is no. It is a myth that vacuuming completes all tasks. It may remove loose dirt, but it cannot remove stains and wet food that got stuck to fiber and dried up. Even heavy suction vacuuming and steaming can also not help if there are tough stains on the carpet.

If you have lightweight carpets that can be lifted and taken out, then probably, you may think of washing and cleaning once a month. However while staying in an apartment, this may not be possible. Therefore the need for carpet cleaning services is important for everyone who has carpets at home.

Carpet cleaning services are not something that is required every month. If you get it deep cleaned, then once in 12 or 18 months is sufficient depending upon the way you maintain it. Mentioned below are some of the facts that may tell how frequently you may need carpet cleaning services –

  • If you vacuum regularly (every week), then it may prolong the need for cleaning service, because vacuuming removes loose particles from the surface. However, if you rarely vacuum the carpet, then it is the right time to call professionals.
  • Carpet fibers collect dust and allergens floating in the air. If you allow them to accumulate, by not vacuuming regularly, they can be dangerous for kids and all those who have allergies at home.
  • The best way to analyze if it needs deep cleaning is by remembering the original color of the carpet. Clean carpets will always loo light and bright in color whereas dirty carpets will look dull and darker.
  • Most of the time, manufacturers provide a warranty with their product for cleaning. This can be once or twice a year, all you have to do is provide them with a receipt and give them a reminder call.
  • If pets run around your home and even on the carpet, then it is necessary to get help from a professional every 6 months. Even well-trained pets shed hair, urinate or drop saliva which is unhygienic and leaves a bad odor.
  • Kids are prone to throwing things on the floor like juice, food, vomit, urine, etc. Toddlers spend most of their time on carpet and they pick everything on the floor to taste, therefore you must vacuum the carpet every week and call a cleaning service every 6 months.

Make your home a healthy place for everyone to stay by using the best carpet cleaner company. Regular cleaning will make the carpet stand out and give the house a unique look. Regular cleaning also ensures that the carpet will live a long life inside the house.