Andrew Williams September 20, 2017

If you need to find the right destination for vacation, why don’t you visit Thousand Islands in Jakarta? This is one of great natural attraction of Indonesia that will not make you disappointed to spend time here. Therefore for the better visit, you can be more familiar with the islands that you can find as tourism spots. Even though you need to travel to one island to another one, but it will make you get more experiences since most of the island are always attractive to visit.

To know where you will go during your vacation in these islands, here is a list of tourism spots that will help you to enjoy the vacation better.

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  1. If you are a true traveler and love to have the adventurous sense, you can visit one of the popular Tourism spots in Thousand Islands. It is SemakDaun Island that has no inn at all. Therefore, it suits everyone who likes to do something challenging. You can make your own camp in the beach so that you can stay for the nights in this island. Moreover, the blue water view is so clear and pretty. It is also a perfect place to do snorkeling and diving. You can have the permission and make your vacation even happier. It is perfect if you want to spend the time of vacation with your friends especially when it is in the day off.
  2. The next island to visit is Sepa Island. This island is very much recommended to visit. It is already made as the tourism spot by the government for a long time. Moreover, the spot has some home stay that can be used for you to spend some time with the lovely ones.
  3. To be more familiar, you can also visit Ayer Island. This island is not that far from Marina Ancol which is easily found near from Jakarta. In this island, you may feel that you have experienced the vacation in Raja Ampat Papua, Indonesia. The nuance of this place is similar to Raja Ampat. You can see some cottages built on the water. On the other hand, the cottages are built with the style of Papuan cottage. It is so ethnical but very much fun.
  4. If you want to enjoy the view from a cottage on the tree, you can find it in Kotok Island. It is also a part of Jakarta’s thousand islands. The natural attraction is so great here. If you really have bravery, the diving spot in this place is very much recommended to try.

So, from all islands above, which one suits your plan of vacation? If you have decided the destination, you can go there and enjoy the holiday. Do not worry about the guidance to get to the islands. You can easily find it using your gadget and search Thousand Islands map guidance for the best direction. In the end, you can finally experience the new place to explore as you enjoy the natural attraction.