Jean Morgan February 24, 2019

As women go through life, health tends to be placed on the backburner behind careers, families and a million and one other parts of life.

The 40s in particular are typically when all of the above aspects are going ahead at full speed, so where does your health fit in? Here are the top three most important health checks that women in their 40s need to have:

1). Cardiovascular check

Heart disease is a significant, leading cause of death in Australian women, killing almost three times more women than breast cancer every year. Despite these alarming statistics, many women don’t take their heart seriously, delaying checks and treatments which only increase surrounding health risks, such as potential heart attacks.

Health professionals at home doctor service House Call Doctor advise consulting with your General Practitioner about the various aspects of heart health to mitigate risk, including cholesterol, blood pressure and diet.

2). Type 2 diabetes test

Type 2 Diabetes is a highly common disease where the body cannot produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is common and can lead to major health problems if left undiagnosed – women in their 40s are often at risk.

Testing to diagnose Type 2 Diabetes involves fasting and then your GP will glucose levels via a blood test. No one’s a fan of getting blood drawn but in the case of Type 2 Diabetes, it’s short-term pain for long-term gain as this is an incurable disease.

3). Cervical screening

Cervical cancer and HPV is a killer that often affects women in their 40s. It is recommended that women get cervical screenings every three to five years to detect any cellular abnormalities. Cervical screenings are also often pushed to the side by women because it is conducted every few years, making it seemingly easy to ignore, or forget.

However, forgetting about this particular health check leaves women in their 40s at risk of developing cervical cancer, among other diseases, most of which are highly preventable with early detection. It’s better to get a car serviced on time than have it break down later, right?