Edith Bryant November 9, 2020

It’s the era of digital technology, self-driving cars, 3D printed wardrobes, and robots with the ability to predict and react like real people all exist. No one wants manually printing and mailing the invoices because it’s the best time to embrace technology. You have to adopt paperless invoices with the click of a button. However, online receipts such as the online hotel receipt template allow you to get many significant benefits. 

Businesses still use, no doubt, the paper-based, and spreadsheet-based methods; it does not come without its downsides. However, it raises some significant issues, such as:

Prone to Errors

In the expense reporting cycle, people need to track as well as manage the end-to-end process. Receipt comes in various ways, such as email, fax, courier/mail, and many more. It makes it difficult to save the receipts for later. Some of the significant errors include: paying invoices twice, paying the wrong amounts, duplicate invoices, as well as paying without receiving goods/services.


Manually handling as well as entering paper-based invoices, may become overwhelming as they often need to be cross-referred for validation. Bear in mind that this procedure may take a lot of time as it needs manual verification of the invoices.

Security Concerns

Even after maintaining paper receipts, some of them may get lost as well as fall into the wrong hands. It leads to the company having unverified expenses.

In order to overcome all these issues, there is a great need to opt for online receipts as they allow you to get significant benefits such as:

Save Money and Resources

Every business wants to save money, as well as cut costs wherever possible. However, more than 82% of companies are still using billions of papers. There is a great need to know that E-invoices are here to help your overall bank account. Moreover, saying goodbye to routine also runs to the office supply store, emptying the wallet to buy more paper. Online receipt templates allow you to save a lot of time as well as the extra cost of contacting a technician when your printer starts acting up.

Increase Productivity

Have you found yourself at work repeating the phrase? If yes, going paperless is considered the best solution for you. Working away with paper invoices, think of all the minutes of the life spent preparing, printing, as well as mailing invoices that you will get back. It sounds like time to productively accomplish in-office tasks.

Digitize Your Business

We are living in a digital age where it is essential to continually evolve with as well as implement the latest technological developments in business practices. It is fascinating to know that transitioning from paper to digital invoices is considered as the easy and first step to digitize your company.

In order to get further advance towards being a digital business, the company can also make some small changes such as going paperless with other documents such as onboarding forms, contracts, or receipts.

Receive Payments Faster

Bear in mind that paper invoices are a nuisance for both customers as well as businesses. Customers must go through the hassle of providing credit card information and mailing a check in order to pay their balance. All of these options delay the payment process. On the other hand, e-invoices are responsible for speeding up the payment process so you can be paid as soon as possible. In this way, both customers and businesses benefit from the simplified or convenient payment process.

Contribute to Helping the Environment

According to the recent statistics, it has been revealed that approximately 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down every day. Most of them are used in the paper industry. Deforestation is known as one of the significant contributors to climate change.

However, by transitioning to paperless invoicing, the business is very helping to conserve trees by reducing the amount of deforestation.