Clare Louise July 2, 2019

Gambling, the act of playing casino games for fun and real money, involves putting your money into betting. Today, online gambling becomes the most popular pastime of more than millions of people internationally irrespective of several changes taken place.

Since its invention, the gambling sector has taken quite an interesting turn with numerous technological developments. A huge revolution has completely reshaped the way we used to place a bet. The latest research report shows that this industry has been worth $42 billion by 2017. In fact, the mobile gambling market is able to produce $100 billion by the end of the year 2017. The technological advancements have not just changed the face of gambling field, but it has also better up the experience of players. Let’s take an insight into how technology has influenced the scenario and scope of gambling.

Mobile Casino

We all know that the magic of smartphones has spelled on all the people with such strong power that nearly every person owns a minimum 1 smartphone. The perfect combination of advanced mobile phones and internet technology is making more and more people to perform the majority of everyday activities using smartphones including shopping, bill payment, money transfer, and more. Considering this rapidly increasing use, the casino industry has also taken a move towards mobile technology and develop a mobile casino that can be simply accessed through a mobile browser.

Android and iOS mobile apps, casinos, and mobile slots boast a massive portion of iGaming. Innovation in technology is resulting into more attractive designs of mobile-friendly sites/apps, a huge game selection, appealing graphics, improved functions, faster loading time, impressive animations, and lots more stunning qualities to make overall gaming experience outstanding. In the current days, there are more than hundreds of casino operators and gambling companies that are offering a wide variety of casino-style games to be played on mobile devices and bettor’s smartphone. Mobile phone casinos facilitate users to place bets from wherever they are and whenever they want. Even one can easily gamble on the go via a supported mobile version.

VR (Virtual Reality) Casinos

Virtual reality gaming and slots are a thing of future that are considered as the new advancement in the gambling market. It offers a highly interactive environment much similar to the one you will enjoy at the conventional land-based casinos. All things appear much realistic that you would no longer want to visit brick and mortar gambling venue. Environment and graphics, everything contribute to the feel of being in a real casino. In fact, you can interact live with other gamblers and real dealers from the comfort of your home.

Gambling Through Social Networking Sites

Gambling for real money game – Bingo Friendzy was launched on Facebook for the first time in August 2012. This game became the #1 choice of myriads of gamblers and gained huge international media fame. Nowadays, Texas Hold’em Poker is the most famous games with about 24 million users around the world.

For the increased excitement of gamers, casino operators are planning for the new advancement. So, let’s wait for the new biggest innovation in this massive industry.