Sharon Wright September 6, 2021

Wielding a sword could have been your childhood dream. Growing up, you would have always wanted to dress like a ninja and participate in those enticing sword tournaments.

So, did you think about learning this art seriously?

Well, if you did, it’s high time to find a suitable Japanese Swordsmanship Course in Seattle, WA. Today, you can even live in a place like Washington and pursue the dream of becoming an expert sword master.

But, how do you get started? Is joining a swordsmanship course in Seattle the only requirement? In reality, Japanese swordsmanship is a combination of learning and setting the right mindset. Here’s how you can ideally begin your journey to become a prolific samurai.

Find an Experienced Seattle-based Instructor

It is true — to use a samurai sword correctly, you need to learn from the very best. Hence, finding a proficient and reliable dojo or swordsmanship instructor is your first step.

Japanese swordsmanship, known as Kenjutsu, can seem straightforward in the beginning. However, it would help if you had proper guidance to learn the art correctly.

So, to begin, locate a Japanese Swordsmanship Course in Seattle, WA, and show your true desire to learn.

Prepare Your Mind

What is the first thing that hovers on your mind after hearing the words ‘martial arts’ or ‘samurai?’

Well, aspects like tenacity, discipline, and perseverance will certainly be at the forefront. All these facets are connected to your mind. To initiate your Kenjutsu journey, you need clarity. You need to have an open mindset and willingness to receive constructive feedback.

So, be mentally prepared and believe you can even achieve proficiency practicing in a non-Japanese setting like Seattle.

Learn All About Japanese Swords

Initially, you will need to practice with wooden swords. However, as you progress, your instructor can suggest you use a metal one.

Regardless of the material, you should know every aspect of Japanese swords, like the sharpness of the edges, weight, and grip.

Also, read about options like shinken, katana, bokuto, and wakizashi. The information on these swords portrays your seriousness about learning kenjutsu and helps augment your knowledge.

Study Basics of Japanese Language

As a swordsmanship student, you will encounter many Japanese terms while practicing. To connect with kenjutsu deeply, you should have a fundamental understanding of the language.

So, even if you live in a place like Seattle, explore online material or connect with a native Japanese speaker. Such a person will be delighted to teach you pronunciations and the meaning of kenjutsu-related terms.

Buy the Right Gear and Essentials

To start your journey, you need the right equipment. Hence, begin your kenjutsu training with items like hakama and bokken.

Once you use the right equipment, the passion will transform into a serious craft. So, consult your instructor and choose suitable gear as per expert recommendations.

In a Nutshell

Today, you do not need to travel to Japan to learn kenjutsu. Find an experienced mentor, enter the right mindset, and become conversant with the Japanese language.

Invest in appropriate swordsmanship gear once you become familiar with the basic information of swords and stances. All these tasks will take you in the right direction to start your kenjutsu journey in Seattle.

Finally, always remember to choose an instructor knowledgeable about the various forms of martial arts and sword training.