Paul Petersen November 13, 2019

Long road trips are adventurous as people get to discover new places. Also, it is exciting because friends and family members know more about each other. However, the trip gets uncomfortable after driving for many hours, which can lead to headaches and boredom. Fortunately, this guide gives you information on how you can stay comfortable on a long road trip. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy sounds like an unrealistic tip when you are looking for comfort on a long road trip. However, eating junk foods is uncomfortable as it makes you dehydrated. Therefore, it is wise to carry healthy snacks like fruits, rice cakes, cheese, and nuts, among others. Your snack bag should not contain snacks with too much sugar.

Staying healthy also applies to the drinks you carry. Carry enough water to last you until the next stop. Reduce drinks that have high sugar content. Staying hydrated will keep your body cool, and in turn, you will not feel uncomfortable. Refill healthy foods at every stop you make to ensure you don’t run out of them.

Pullover Every Three Hours

Sitting too hard on the lower back for more than three hours is tiring for both the driver and the passenger. It causes pain, tingling in the legs, and numbness all over your body. For this reason, it is essential to pull over every three hours to stretch for about twenty to thirty minutes. Driving continuously for six hours is draining, and it will make you uncomfortable.

Use the stopovers to refill food and learn a new place. Take photos across the road, and discuss them on your way.  Sleeping is also an option during the stop because you are tired after driving for three hours. However, it is necessary to first get out of the car, walk around, and then you can sleep for ten minutes.

Dress Comfortably

Dressing for comfort is different to everyone, but the objective should be wearing loose pants and a comfortable t-shirt. Traveling for long trips with a suit will make you feel uncomfortable. Wear clothes that are easy to adjust in case you need to change when the car is in motion.

Traveling with comfortable clothes gives you the allowance to stretch, which is not the case when you have tight ones. Also, it is advisable to wear slide in shoes which you can remove while in the car and quickly wear them during a stop.

Dressing comfortable also depends on the weather. Dress warmly during the winter to avoid arriving at your destination feeling sick. Also, dress in light clothes when the sun is heating the car.

Bring an Actual Map

When going on a long road trip, it is vital to carry an actual map due to many roads, which can be confusing. You are probably asking yourself why you need to bring a map, yet you have a phone and a GPS. However, your phone might die, and GPS is not usually reliable, especially in interior places.

Nothing is as uncomfortable during a long road trip as getting lost. Taking the wrong direction can make everyone in the car bored and not willing to carry on with the rest of the journey. The map also helps you discover sites along the road as indicated.

Neck Pillow

The distance between your neck and the seat is long when you want to lean back. This usually forces you to stretch legs in front to bring your neck close to the seat when you are sleeping. However, this is uncomfortable when you wake up because your neck will be paining. The best way to curb this pain is by purchasing a neck pillow.

Choose the best neck pillows to ensure that you have quality sleep during the journey. If you are driving, use the neck pillow to lean on your seat comfortably. Neck pillows that fit kids are also available, meaning that everyone in the car will be covered.

Sleeping Items

If you are a passenger in the car, you get tired when playing games or reading books. Therefore, you need to take a break by sleeping. However, sleeping in a car is not as comfortable as sleeping in your bed. Thus, it is crucial to bring sleeping items to have restful sleep during your long road trip.

Noise is distracting when you are sleeping, but you cannot avoid it when traveling. It is wise to carry the best earplugs that will help with noise cancellation. Earplugs block noise from the wind, engine, and other cars.

Eye masks are also important nap items when you are on a long road trip. It is impossible to sleep in a car with light that comes in during the day. Wear your eye masks when you are sleeping to ensure total darkness, and you will sleep comfortably. Blankets are important if you are traveling at night as they will help keep you warm.

Plan for Entertainment

There is a possibility that you can run out of topics when you are chatting. For this reason, it is important to plan for entertainment during your trip. This includes games, CDs, and audiobooks. Play games such as “guess the state” where you look at the number plates of other cars and guess their states.

Also, use the map to locate the cities around the country. Use the CDs to sing along to your favorite music. Listen to your favorite audiobooks, and you will not feel tired at any point.

First Aid Kit

Carry a first aid kit that contains pain relievers, allergy medicines, and medications for motion sickness. This will help keep you in shape throughout the road trip.

Going for a long road trip is fun and therapeutic. However, it is tiring because you are sitting in the same position for hours. This guide gives you practical tips to help you handle long road trips like an expert.

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