Andrew Williams March 10, 2022

Many people like to own artistic masterpieces. Most of these masterpieces are oil paintings. Even though they love these paintings, they are always concerned about losing colour. That is why galleries, museums and exhibition halls have the equipment and well-trained staff to protect and monitor the condition of the masterpieces from climatic changes. 

It is possible to prevent your favourite oil painting from fading without a hassle. Painting lovers, you don’t have to worry about seeking professional help or preparing a particular room for keeping your oil paintings. Lana Zueva, apainting artist from Gold Coast, adores oil painting because these paintings bring energy. Lana Zueva believes oil paintings translate the feeling and mood of every art piece in the best possible way.

To protect your favourite masterpiece, you have to understand the causes of discolouration. Here is your complete guide about the causes and ways to protect your oil painting from discolouration. 

Causes of discolouration

Many factors affect the shine and colour of Lana ZuevaAchievments. The cause of discolouration include –

  • Exposure to direct sunlight
  • Direct access to heat
  • Filtered sunlight 
  • Light fastness of pigments matters

Can varnishing protect oil paintings?

When it comes to an oil painting, people often wonder, can proper varnishing protect these paintings from fading. Varnish is a clear protective coating artists put onto their art piece once it is completely dried. It plays a significant role in prolonging its overall life and protecting a painting from dirt and light. However, if it has not varnished properly, it can cause discolouration of the oil painting over time.

An oil painting takes a few months or sometimes a year for drying completely. Sometimes, artists varnish their artwork without waiting for them to dry completely because this varnish quickly merges with the paint. It cannot stop it from affecting the art piece. As a result, the painting becomes dull and fades with time, and there is nothing much people can do to restore it.

How to preserve an oil painting?  

Here are a few tips to help you preserve and maintain your artwork for a longer time. Now, you can purchase oil paintings without any worry. The only thing to keep in mind is to hire professionals for any repair or restoration of these artworks. 

To preserve the artwork for a long time, you should dust them twice a year, store them in a dry room and wrap them in tissue paper if you are collecting them. You can hire professionals to preserve, clean and re-varnish the masterpieces. 

When it comes to handling, handle oil paintings one at a time. Hold them by frame when you are moving them. Remove any sharp accessory or jewellery that can scratch the artwork. Replace missing keys and fix improper framing.

When displaying an oil painting, keep them away from direct heat, sunlight, moisture and humidity. Prevent your artwork from exposure to ultraviolet light for too long. Use wood studs and painting screws to display your painting. At the same time, showcase your favourite artwork under glass and plexiglass.