Andrew Williams October 27, 2020

If they are not hydrated with appropriate care, the feet suffer from areas of dryness. In particular on the heel, which risks cracking? You can zoom on the composition of foot creams and the ingredients to be careful of. There you can make full use of the iherb promo code for 5% now.

What We Ask Him

  • Easily penetrate the skin without tedious massage.
  • To be quickly absorbed without leaving an unpleasant or slippery sticky feeling under the soles of the feet.
  • Perfectly hydrate the epidermis.
  • Soften the skin to keep it soft and comfortable all day.
  • To limit the appearance of the horn, thanks to a prolonged hydration.

What It Should Contain

Lipid-replenishing active ingredients: It is an oil-in-water emulsion, more or less rich in fatty substances (between 20 and 35%). Nourishing and / or protective, they provide essential lipids for skin hydration. They are extracted from oils and butters of vegetable origin (argan, shea, olive, jojoba) or synthetic (polyunsaturated fatty acid, ceramides, silicones). They ensure good cohesion of the intercellular cement.

Moisturizing ingredients

They regulate the water naturally present in the skin while maintaining an ideal water level. This is the role played by glycerin in the form of glycerol, paraffin or urea. Used at a concentration of 30%, the latter has the advantage of being keratolytic. Clearly, it prevents the skin from thickening and forming a horn. Now use the iHerb Belgium Promo Code for buying the best elements for the same.

The expert’s focus

The soles of the feet are devoid of sebaceous glands and become hydrated through perspiration. However, over time, the sweat glands work less well and the skin dries up. Going barefoot or wearing open shoes, and diseases like diabetes make it worse. However, if you do not hydrate your feet, cracks and horns can form. From the age of 50, it is advisable to apply a moisturizer morning and night, with emphasis on the forefoot and heel.

Essential oils (mint, orange)

They bring a feeling of freshness or a relaxing effect.


To ensure the safety of this formula, which contains water and can therefore be contaminated with bacteria?Dyes and perfumes. They contribute to the “sensory dimension” and the pleasure of use.

Assets To Watch

Alcohol: It tends to dry out the skin. Especially if it is at the beginning of the list of components, because that means that it is more present in the product.

Preservatives: Some, like phenoxyethanol and parabens, are criticized and can cause allergies.Whether for calluses or for the nails, find on our online store a wide selection of beauty accessories, foot care and everything you need for your beauty of the feet. In order to choose the foot cream that is right for you, go to our product sheets where you can compare reviews, prices or even the compositions of each item before purchasing. In these, you can also benefit from offers and promotions that will lower your budget when ordering thanks to a secure payment. Between damaged arches, tired feet or painful ingrown nails: the pedicure is there to pamper your skin.