Deborah Patterson January 31, 2019

When choosing colours as bold as magenta hair colour, you should take your time to learn the amount time and energy you will have to dedicate in maintaining them. So, if you are a lady with a busier lifestyle, it is good you go for more natural styles available for you since choosing bold styles might not pair well with your lifestyle.

 Magenta is a combination of red, purple and blue. Magenta colours are subtly bright and eye-appealing, but you can change the level of brightness in your manes by use of an ombre technique and choosing mixes where red or purple is common. Check the following magenta hair colour ideas.

  1. Ombre Braid Wig.

Committing to one particular shade can be hard-you have to take care of your hair several times in a day. However, there is a way out: wigs! You may not realise that this style has a lace-front wig. That is how this haircut should be. This offers you the versatility to try different fun looks without much dedication.

  1. Unicorn Down-do.

Ladies like fantasy based hair hues. Currently, unicorns and mermaids are popular. Even if you want to embrace the magical side of life, there is no twist to the basic rules that should be followed during colouring. To bring it out well, you should create depth and dimension. This effect can also be realised with purple and magenta hair hues.

  1. Multi-Coloured Bob.

Magenta hair is a beautiful blend of red and purple tones that gives a multi-coloured accent effect. However, remember that utilising excessive dye can be damaging to your hair, so before you do anything consult with your stylist concerning all the risks and if the outcome is worth it. Also, remember the correct hair treatment process after the transformation.

  1. Loosely Braided Curls.

There are many ways you can achieve magenta purple hair. By blending purple into the pink colour, you can make the entire look dark and give it a more cool tone. This makes the shade more wearable for different skin tones and complexions.

  1. Long and Attractive.

Dark magenta hair is a magnificent colour for ladies who are trying bold hues for their first time. It is bold and fun. The style looks natural and subdued. Besides, it flatters various skin tones.

  1. Tousled Two-Tone Strands.

If you think magenta ombre is too light, but you want to include pink and violet into your haircut, then you can give a shot to a bold half style. It will surely stand out, so ensure you sport this look with courage.

  1. Bold Rose Bob.

Though bobs are standard styles, it can be tedious if you have been sporting it for some time. This is because it takes longer to grow lengths to get a new look.