Sharon Wright November 11, 2022

The supply of real estate in Greece is still many times greater than the demand. But it cannot exist forever, especially since the construction of new residential buildings is currently very limited. And this means that it’s time to pay attention to apartments in Thessaloniki for sale, that is, to choose and buy an apartment or house. Since Greece is primarily associated with excellent seaside holidays, it is worth starting your search from the coastal areas on the mainland and on numerous islands.

Houses in Greece

A house, cottage, or villa is a great option for both living and vacation rentals in Greece. But, when planning to buy such a property on the coast of Greece, you need to consider this as a long-term investment. In other words, such an acquisition will pay off for quite a long time, even if the building is located on the first or second line. Also, compared to buying an apartment, buying a house in Greece is usually more expensive.

Do not discount its ongoing maintenance. You can, of course, find a relatively inexpensive house, but it will either be of a year of construction or require additional investments. At best, it will be quite far from the coast.

Issue price

It would be wrong to assume that the value of real estate in Greece is constant value. There are no uniform prices, but there are several factors that affect the overall situation in the market. Firstly, this is the level of “hype” on one or another coast of Greece. The more tourists, the higher the demand for apartments or houses for rent and, accordingly, the higher the cost of real estate.

There are also nuances. So, in Halkidiki, where the season is literally crowded with the number of vacationers, real estate prices will be lower than in Crete, where Europeans come almost all year round.