Edith Bryant June 3, 2019
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The fact is Semarang City owns many interesting museums to go to during vacations. One of them POLRI Museum, is located in Gajahmungkur Sub-District, Semarang. To be precise, it resides in Akron Sophisticated at Sultan Agung Street. This one is suitable for people who are into history, mainly linked to the history of the Indonesian authorities. This tourist website opens daily, and it costs nothing. That means everyone can enter the building publicly! What they need to do is to wear appropriate clothes when visiting the memorial.

In terms of nuance, it’s very similar to other museums. The environment is clean, and it includes excellent management. The building also comes with different facilities such as collection rooms, government and prime exhibition, audio-visual room, bathrooms, and canteen. In some occasions, the direction also holds a special event to educate visitors regarding legislation!

Before researching the museum, tourists should know the reason and history behind the building of the building. It’s said the local government decided to create the museum to remember the services given by the federal authorities. The construction began in 2004 through the reign of Da’ I Bachtiar, who had been the Head of Indonesia National Police (Kapolri). At the time, the name was Akpol Museum, but it altered afterward. The good thing is that the government conducts regular maintenance and improvement every year!

Once arriving at the museum, tourists may start studying the background of POLRI immediately. In this case, they should look at hiring a tour guide who will tell such history. Though it can take some cash to pay the support, the information is very worthy. Additionally, parents may teach their children about it! Furthermore? The next thing to do is to see essential collections of occasions, particularly the tragic terrorist bomb in Bali. Those pictures show how challenging the police looked after this site after the bombing.

For those visiting the POLRI Museum should not forget to combine various counseling given by the direction. In fact, many significant speakers often come to such events! That is the reason why tourists need to learn the schedule first before going to the museum. Furthermore? Another fun activity is to watch historical movies regarding the black police. It is free of charge!

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The Way to Get There

A space between POLRI Museum along with Ahmad Yani International Airport is 8.1 km, which means tourists only need to spend about 17 minutes to reach the location from the airport. It may even be faster if they choose Letnan Jenderal S.Parman Street. What they need to do is for to Gajahmungkur Sub-District and reach Akpol Complex afterward. Have no worries. The museum is very noticeable, so everybody can find it easily.