Jean Morgan June 14, 2019
Scorpions are desert creatures which makes them common in the desert southwest region of the United States. Unfortunately, the movements of these creatures are not limited to rocks and sandy areas far away, but many at times they can gain entry into homes. These creepy crawlers are not what anyone would ever hope to deal with when it comes to pests as they are tougher to eliminate than most other infestations. As such, homeowners in these regions never have much of an option but to always ensure that these desert creatures do not get to share a roof with them. However, before one can take the initiative of ensuring these pests are never a cause for alarm, it is important to know their behaviors. The first thing about scorpions is they are nocturnal and primarily feed of other common household and yard pests such as roaches, spiders, and crickets. This means that as they go out hunting, your home becomes a favorable spot for them, especially when they can easily find plenty of prey. Seasoned exterminators actually point to the fact that this is always the core reason why scorpions will easily be seen in a house as they will be looking for preys to feed on. Another critical behavioral behavior that most homeowners seek to know is, do scorpions hibernate? The fact is that while it is possible for scorpions to survive cold temperatures, they will go to any length to find a warmer place than being left exposed. After getting a warm place to stay, they will reduce their activities and remain hidden until the cold seasons come to an end, and they can freely move about. It is therefore unlike that their movement will be noticed until the sigs of spring begin showing, and they get back to a full blast mode of hunting. Since it is normal for homes to be warmer than the outside, this makes them a prime spot for scorpions whenever they sense the cold season is coming. This is made worse by the fact that for homeowners on Arizona, the Arizona bark scorpions which are one of the most feared species because of its venom are great climbers. As such, they can easily maneuver their way into a home interior without being noticed, and the first sign of their presence always comes after they have become too comfortable with their new habitat. It is therefore essential that as temperatures start dropping, homeowners must not ignore the likelihood of having unwanted guests make way into their houses or yard. Since scorpions are sneaky and active at night, it is always near impossible to accurately predict when they have made way to your home. The safest measure is to have a defense mechanism that will save you from having to deal with an infestation later on. These infestations after the period of hibernation are always harder to deal with as scorpions tend to nest in large groups, and their sudden emergence can be hard to control. Residential pest control specialist comes handy in such moments as they have the expertise to make your house completely sealed and free from these stingers.