Paul Petersen November 6, 2023

Do you often find yourself scrolling through Pinterest looking for new ideas to up your home decor game? If you answered positive, you are in for a ride. Bedside tables are the ultimate addition that you can make to your bedroom. Bedside tables truly elevate the living experience and here’s why you should get one today.

Means of Self-expression

Bedside tables come with an opportunity for you to customize them according to your taste. You can go for one that matches the theme of your room, or one that stands out and serves as a statement piece. It is for you to decide what you want to be conveyed through the table. Along with that, you can also choose from a diverse range of decor items to top your bedside table with and create your own vibe.


Bedside tables are a fashionable addition to your bedroom that cater to your storage needs.No more scattered items in your bedroom. Mattress size in Australia is standard but your bedside tables don’t have to be, they come with various storage options according to one’s needs. This helps you organize all your stuff and keep your room look put together at all times. You can keep your medicines and other important stuff you need right in the morning, handy.


Suppose you’re watching your favorite TV show with a loaded pizza on a cold November night. Just when you find the perfectly comfortable position, you start feeling thirsty and now you have to get up and fetch a bottle of water. Sounds frustrating, right? Bedside tables save you from this hassle by providing a space for your essentials at an arm’s stretch. This makes life more convenient than you think.

Lighting Needs

If you’re an avid reader or just like to work from the comfort of your bed, a side table will prove of much use to you. Bedside tables provide you with a surface to place a lamp on. You may choose to go for a study lamp or even a night lamp to leave on while sleeping.


Spills are the worst enemy of high-end decor items. Are you too always taking care of one thing or another and saving it from spilling on your mattress or carpet? You can finally let your guard down with a bedside table as it offers you a safe space to place things on and saves your mattress and carpet from accidental spills, if any.

Setting your priorities

If you are someone who struggles with following a morning routine, bedside tables can be your savior. You can place an alarm clock right beside you, on the side table. If there’s anything that you want to do first thing in the morning, like drinking copper-infused water for health, reading a book for mental health, or practicing affirmations, you can simply keep it on the side table and you will naturally see it the first thing in the morning. Thus, you can easily start practicing your desired routine.

Work essentials

Bedside tables are a good addition for the workaholic in you. For people who like to set up a workstation at home, a bedside table is a great option. You can stack your documents in the drawers and place your laptop, iPad, diary, pens, and anything of that sort, on the table. This negates the possibility of your bed being cluttered with your documents and electronic devices.

Often looked upon as just another piece of furniture, bedside tables are highly versatile. No matter your requirements and specifications, there’s always a side table for you. So get a bedside table today and make your life not just easier but also a lot more fashionable.