Jean Morgan August 10, 2020

All slots was a resounding success with its casino kit: slot leak. However, we will also not forget to tell you about the all slots casino bonus. You will be able to enjoy an overview of all the all slots offers for Swiss players.

All slots free casino is a casino88 gaming interface like no other. You will find some similarities between all slots and redflush. However, you will quickly see that all slots has a lot more to offer you both in terms of games and promotional offers. Elsewhere in the world, All Slots Casino is particularly popular, especially among Canadian players, as evidenced by a professional review on the page .

Put the odds on your side to win up to 1600 dollar in bonuses on all slots online casino.

The all slots casino bonuses are an additional source of cash and will also be available on the all slots casino mobile app. You will be able to receive bonuses on each of your deposits. All slots agrees to add 250 dollar to your first deposit, a second contribution of 250 dollar to your second deposit, 500 dollar in addition to your third deposit and 600 dollar to your fourth deposit.

Philippe took advantage of his bonus in full, he seems delighted with the services of the Swiss online casino, click here for the details of his review.

In addition to the 1,600 dollar deposit bonus, you will be able to win free spins on new slots and other additional bonuses by joining the All Slots VIP Club. This is double the promotional offers you will be able to find on royal vegas.

Open yourself up to a plethora of lucrative gambling at all flash slots and all slots casino mobile.

All Slots trusts Microgaming’s know-how to offer you lots of slots, table games, video poker games, progressive jackpots, scratch games and a whole host of unusual games. This line of games will be similar to all jackpots, with the exception of many 500 casino slots which are the trademark of all slots.

When you play slots in an online casino, we know it’s for fun, to relax but let’s face it, we also know it’s to win a whole bunch of Swiss francs, is not it? And when this happens to you for the first time, it is clear that the pleasure gauge is at its maximum. Now is the time for you to start thinking about your first winnings withdrawal, a delicious time for all online slots players.

But when the time came to trigger it, a lot of players told us that they were a little anxious because they didn’t know how to do it, ie what methods to use and then they had heard accounts from other players that the money was never received. Rest assured, we will accompany you in the process so that you can know the means you have to withdraw and then, we will give you some information that you absolutely need to know.

Bank transfers

The first of the methods that we are going to explain to you is the bank transfer. Many players like this method because the money goes straight to your bank account. You can therefore dispose of it quickly. This method is popular, still for the moment, but be aware that it is gradually “disappearing”. Why? Because electronic wallets are more practical for you as they are for online casinos and more and more players want discretion, which unfortunately does not offer this method.