Deborah Patterson March 25, 2020

Over the years, there have been numerous mathematicians and gambling enthusiasts who have tried to find the perfect strategy to always win at gambling. Roulette is undoubtedly benefiting from most such strategies, and we set out to put them together to ensure that our readers can apply them. In the following lines we will present the most successful roulette strategies, their degree of application and how they can increase your chances of winning the pkv games.

The Martingale System

Without a doubt, one of the best and most popular roulette game strategies, Martingale has become very popular in France since the 18th century. This game strategy can also be applied in sports betting but we will focus strictly on the game. of roulette. This system involves starting the game with a certain bet, say $ 1 and bet on the outside numbers of the roulette. Martingale Strategy involves doubling the value of the bet each time the bet is lost. So if you bet 1 dollar and you don’t win, the next bet will be 2 dollar, then 4 dollar and so on until you win. Then start with the original bet amount and apply the same pattern.

The chances of winning at roulette by applying this method are quite good but there are some observations needed. To be successful, this system requires you to have a generous balance because a longer series of losing bets will result in a bet of quite large amounts . Also, the chances of winning the roulette by applying the Martingale system also depend on the betting limits imposed by the online casino where you play.

Online Roulette Strategies – The Fibonacci Strike

We continue the series of roulette betting strategies with the one based on the Fibonacci Roll to increase your chances of winning. This strategy is quite similar to the one presented earlier, except that the system applied to increase the stake after each lost bet is different. The recommendation is to start betting 1 dollar and use odds of at least 3 and increase the stakes by following the Fibonacci Roll. Applying the tips of this casino roulette strategy, if you lose a bet, the next bet placed must be the sum of the two previously lost. So, following the example with the bet of 1 dollar, you would have consecutive bets of 1 dollar, 1 dollar, 2 dollar, 3 dollar, 5 dollar, 8 dollar, 13 dollar, 21 dollar, 34 dollar, 55 dollar, 89 dollar and so on far away.


If you need more tips to win at Roulette using the Fibonacci Roll, we inform you that the bets with the 3 roulette odds are those on the intervals (1-12, 3-24, 25-36) or any of the bets columns. Unlike Martingale strategy, this system gives us the opportunity to play longer because the bet does not double every time. So the pace of betting increases in the case of a winning series is lower and we can face a longer losing series.