Edith Bryant September 27, 2021


Holidaying in Derbyshire

Are you planning a holiday to the UK? Or a UK staycation? Then be sure to consider Derbyshire. Derbyshire is popular with everyone, whether you love history, great food or something else. Situated in the Midlands, Derbyshire is literally right in the middle of the UK, so no matter where you might be travelling from, it offers a great centralised location.

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In recent years Derbyshire has grown in popularity due to historical towns such as Buxton, Castleton and Bakewell. If you’d like to find out more about Derbyshire and some of the reasons you should book your holiday there, keep reading below to find out more information.

Top Things To Do In Derbyshire

When it comes to holidaying in Derbyshire, there are lots of great things to see and do. Derbyshire is situated in the heart of the countryside, however it still has enough hustle and bustle, so you don’t feel totally secluded. Some of the top things to see and do in Derbyshire are:

  • Buildings – There are lots of historical buildings and venues across Derbyshire such as Hargate Hall and many others.
  • Countryside – From amazing views to countryside trails, Derbyshire is situated right in the heart of the country and is perfect for anyone that loves to explore the outdoors.
  • Food and Drink – If you love good food and drink then Derbyshire is perfect for you, from boutique coffee shops to exquisite restaurants and even traditional pubs and much more, there’s plenty of places to explore.
  • History – The whole of Derbyshire is steeped in history, which means if you love history or experiencing historical areas, then be sure to book a holiday in the area.
  • Welcoming – Derbyshire is a welcoming place for tourists and the local people love to make everyone feel like one of their own.

Booking Your Derbyshire Holiday

UK based holidays are becoming more and more popular, from stunning countryside to areas steeped in history, there’s lots of things to see and do. Derbyshire is popular with people of all ages and there really is someone for everyone. No matter what type of holiday you might want, whether it’s a short break. Weekend holiday or midweek break, Derbyshire should be the place you book. Places such as Hargate Hall Derbyshire are perfect for any type of holiday in Derbyshire.