Clare Louise June 24, 2021

Swamp coolers are perhaps the wonder of the age. They are devices that cool the environment or rooms to offer benefit and comfort from the scorching heat. They are a cooling system of their own leagues such as fan and an air conditioning unit are in the respective leagues of theirs. It would be unfair to compare them all one to another. Each has the benefit of its own. If you are considering going for Portacool swamp coolers, you are not wrong to contemplate the option. However, you deserve to know the benefit of what you’d be getting. Here are the benefits of swamp coolers. 

Cools the Air in Dry Climates: Dry climates can be really horrid. When accompanied by the heatwave, it is really uncomfortable. The sweats. The soaked clothes. The good thing about evaporative air coolers is that they cool the air naturally. They filter the air through moisturized pads, making them blow cool air without fog or mist. 

Easy to Operate: If you use the direct swamp coolers, there is practically nothing to do other than add water to the reservoir, plug the unit into the socket, and switch it on. It blows you, and that is all that there is to it. However, if your choice is to go for the larger, industrial size for a bigger space, it is not a problem, too. You need a professional to help with the installation, which would connect it to the HVAC system of the building, and that is all.

It is cost-optimizing: Direct evaporative air coolers are very affordable, not requiring a fortune from your savings account. The industrial swamp coolers are usually more expensive than the direct ones, which is normal. Some think the whole conversion process that works from turning moisture into a cool, non-wet air requires a lot of electrical energy, hence, causing an increase in electricity bill. That’s not true. It is one of the most cost-effective cooling options you can find in the market. 

Quiet: Unlike fans whose blades make swooshing sounds as they cut through the air, Portacool swamp coolers are very quiet. If you are a light sleeper who is woken by almost any sound at all, you can rest assured that a dessert cooler is not going to be your concern. 

Easy to Maintain: Let no one deceive you, swamp coolers are about the easiest cooling system to maintain. Just make sure you turn out the water if it’s not going to be used for a while, and go ahead with the regular cleaning and dusting. That is all that there is to maintain your cooler. 

Are you looking for a reliable air cooler brand to go for? Well, just enter “Portacool swamp coolers” on your search engine and read all you can! You’re welcome.