Deborah Patterson October 24, 2019

The magnetic field of a single loop overflowing very widely around it, it is important, when several nearby places are equipped, to provide an isolation of each space or systems of loops or other devices to avoid interference (crosstalk). Depending on its position, the magnetic field may be more or less disturbed by the proximity of metal visible or not (beams, concrete reinforcement, metal ceilings or walls, technical floors, metal steps etc.)

Maintenance of a magnetic induction loop

In order to guarantee the durability of the installation, it is essential to keep the installation plans for the buckles, especially when they are embedded under a parquet floor, a carpet or in a wall so that, in the event of subsequent work, the electrical wires are not severed or damaged, or the addition of metal parts, furniture or other materials is not a disturbance of the magnetic field. It is essential, in reception of site at the latest, to recover this plan as well as the references of the amplifier, its characteristics, initial settings, instructions of use, address of the supplier and the after-sales service, the notes of computation and characteristics of the loop and additional equipment if they exist (headphones, inductive collars, loop controller, etc.). 

In terms of maintenance of the boucle d’induction magnétique, it is important to regularly check the operation and quality of the installation with a loop controller and users accustomed to these systems. Various types of sound must be controlled (music, dialogue, poem reading, etc.) at various points in the controlled space, the same as what should be done when receiving the installation. The installer or the person in charge of the maintenance can carry out immediately all the useful corrections of adjustment and maintenance.

  • A magnetic loop is a system of sounds transmitted by magnetic induction and sent directly to a hearing aid or a cochlear implant. This technology makes it possible to filter ambient noise in order to hear only the voice of the other party and thus ensure a better understanding. The amplified sound can come as well from a speaker as a sound equipment.
  • Hearing impaired persons equipped with hearing aids will have to adjust them to the T position to hear only the sounds coming from the induction loop or the MT position if they wish to receive the 2 sources simultaneously (that coming from the microphone of the prosthesis and that from the induction loop ).
  • Non-hearing impaired people will be able to use a handset to hear better or an induction loop receiver to receive sound from the magnetic loop.
  • Easy offers a range of magnetic loops for the hearing impaired intended for professionals wishing to make their establishment (public or private) accessible to hearing-impaired people with or without hearing aids and cochlear implants.

The magnetic induction loops offered by Office

Magnetic reception loop

A portable magnetic loop or magnetic home loop is ideal for installation at a counter, counter or other reception area.

This induction loop for Home is actually an amplifier, the telecoil is built. It is accompanied by a power supply unit and listening devices (microphone and earphone) for non-hearing impaired people.