Robert McDonald June 5, 2024

Real estate dealing especially in commercial properties tends to be involved as it involves legal and financial factors. Thus, an Olympia real estate attorney has a critical responsibility of ensuring that those who hire him or her are well protected from such legal hurdles. Now, let us focus on the role a business attorney plays and how he or she may help in commercial real estate transactions.

In what way do they provide assistance in due diligence?

Investigation is another essential process in most property deals. They get the legal status of the property including title, establishing the existence of encumbrances, and inspecting zoning and environmental laws. This makes it easier to identify the potential legal concerns that may affect the transaction, such that clients can make suitable decisions with preferable contractual terms.

In what way do they help in drafting and reviewing contracts?

There is no business that can be fully conducted about the commercial real estate businesses without coming across contracts. Some of the key responsibilities of a business attorney include preparing and assessing all the related contracts such as the purchase contract, lease contract, and financing papers among others. 

They standardize these contracts, guaranteeing that all the legal and contractual specifications of the particular relationship between different parties are reflected. Through elimination of such possibilities of conflict of laws and court actions, and adherence to laws by the attorneys, they assist in the prevention of such conflicts in the future.

How do they deal with negotiations?

Negotiation is an art form, and these business attorneys are proficient in this field and formulating it into corporate strategies. They act as agents for their clients, seeking ways of ensuring that their clients come out with the best terms possible. This covers matters such as the price of acquisition, rent for accommodation, funding, and other considerations such as backup commitment. Its specialized knowledge in the legal sphere and the analysis of the market situation allows it to act based on legal mandates and keep the risk-reward ratio in mind for its clients.


A business attorney has a critical role to play in the context of commercial real estate transactions, including, conducting research on the transaction, review of documents, conducting analysis and preparation of documents in relation to the transaction, and negotiation and signing of documents, among others. 

Skills in contracts, negotiations, local jurisdictions regulations, and dispute settling are valuable determinants for a client’s business interests and the success of the contracts. In the real estate business, therefore it is indispensable to have legal consultation from an expert business lawyer.