Clare Louise November 2, 2019

Debonair Events will give you some tips and tricks when it comes to planning a party.

Flowers and candles

Never underestimate the power of well-chosen flowers and candles for your party. If your budget allows, order simple flower arrangements from your nearby flower shop. Do not order too high flower compositions that would interfere with casual conversation across the table. If your budget is tight, you can always consult the Internet and thousands of DIY websites for ideas to turn into yourself. Candles in different sizes for dynamics and colors according to the theme placed on the table will bring additional warmth and coziness.

Service and cutlery

Make sure you choose the right cutlery and utensils, depending on the menu and theme of the evening. Arrange everything in advance to avoid unnecessary fuss in front of guests and to make the table look impressive. You could buy a special theme color service or stick to classic white. Arrange well-tidy towels in front of each place to complete the decoration.

Shop (at least two days in advance)

Shop everything you need for the party. In addition to the food items, buy the appropriate beverages. Make sure you have a sturdy and representative hose on hand and load the refrigerator with enough ice, if necessary, buy a few ice packs from the store just in case.


Create the playlist in advance and tailor the music to the theme of the party and guests as much as possible. Alternatively, if your music choices aren’t good enough.

Cleaning and final preparations (a day earlier)

Prepare as much of the menu as possible beforehand, including dessert. Allow yourself plenty of time to clean the house – not just the dining room and the living room, but the bathroom, the kitchen and all the other rooms that your guests might visit. Empty the trash can and the dishwasher to be ready for the next day. This is the day to prepare your flower ornament to be fresh enough.

Choose your place correctly

Choose your place in advance. Keep it comfortable so you can easily get out of the table and leave the room. You will probably need to bounce from time to time to the kitchen and also pour yourself drinks so this will be a great convenience for you. At the same time, your seat should be sufficiently central to the table for you to feel like you are truly hosting the party.

On the day of the event

Cooking in the kitchen and table decoration. Be sure to place the water kettle on the table. Give yourself plenty of time for dress, hair and makeup. In the last hour, light candles and play music to feel the festive atmosphere and tune in to a party. Pour yourself a glass of wine and take a moment with yourself before welcoming guests.

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