Edith Bryant August 19, 2020

Oftentimes, scientists and doctors found some unexpected properties of well-known remedies. For example, ketamine was initiated to reduce pain during surgeries and was applied as anesthesia. However, some recent studies showed that it’s effective against various mental ailments. Among them are some of the most hard-treating ones – depression, and anxiety. The infusion or a nasal spray that contains ketamine show amazing benefits of treating these severe conditions. Accordingly, many people decided to find the Best Ketamine Centers to overcome their mental issues.

As this off-label use of the drug has become popular, it may be difficult to find really the best ketamine clinics. We have carried out a small research to find some great options for you. Of course, you may search for them yourself. Some of them may be too far from your residence. Therefore, our options may not be quite convenient. Nonetheless, they may be worth a try if the local ones don’t ensure efficacy and safety. The Best Ketamine Clinics 2020 are:

  1. Kerlan-Jobe (Los Angeles).
  2. Bay Area Ketamine Center (San Francisco).
  3. Vitalitas (Denver).
  4. NY Ketamine Infusions (New York).
  5. University of Utah Ketamine Clinic (Farmington).

As you can see, they represent various cities in the USA. We could have created a list of 5 highly reputed ketamine clinics in one city. Nonetheless, it is impractical because our readers may be from different locations. If you require a list of clinics in one city, look for similar guides.

How to Choose the Best Ketamine Clinic?

In case you want to carry out research on your own, we can help you as well. There are several steps to take to make sure you have found the Best Ketamine Clinic for you. These are as follows:

  • Write a good search key. It’s important to specify the right searching combination. For example, you search for centers in San Francisco and so, you should write something like this – The best ketamine centers in San Francisco.
  • Consider the reputation. After your browser shows the results, visit every link, and take smart notes. Write down all the benefits and guarantees offered by the center. Give heed to the reputation of the center. If it’s not too popular, switch for another option.
  • Check the prices. Obligatorily compare prices. Each center may have its own price policy and sometimes, the difference is huge. Commonly, the prices range between $300 to $450. Therefore, you should carefully study this matter to not overpay.
  • Ask about the procedures. Define how the chosen center carries out the treatment. There are two possible options – intravenous injections and nasal sprays. Perhaps you cannot tolerate needle injections and so, it’s vital to have a backup variant. Treatment via a nasal spray is also effective and works even faster than an infusion.

Following these easy steps, you’ll easily gather the necessary facts. Afterward, compare the best ketamine clinics you’ve found to one another. Thus, you’ll surely define the most suitable option for your case.