Deborah Patterson June 16, 2021

Are you thinking that choosing a travel backpack is just going to the store and picking up the prettiest and cheapest one?  You need to evaluate several things before choosing a backpack: size, model, brand the list is long!

Backpack Types

Cargo Model

Cargo backpacks are large backpacks, over 40 liters. There are two models: Hiking backpacking and backpacking trip.

Trekking Backpack

The most popular model of cargo bag. They are large and have several external compartments to make the traveler’s life easier. They also have straps to secure a camping tent, mat, and sleeping bag, as well as trekking poles. The main compartment looks like a bag, closing with a string at the top. Some models have access to the middle of the backpack via a zipper in the middle of the backpack.

When to choose a trekking backpack –  You should choose this type of backpack if you plan to camp, go trekking or carry lots of things outside your backpacks, such as a sleeping bag and a trekking stick.

Choosing your trekking backpack – Think about your ease during the trek/trip. This backpack should have pockets for items you always need to have on hand (such as water, guides, maps, camera, or passport). Ideally, it has a zipper along with it, which gives access to the main compartment, otherwise, to get something in the bottom of the backpack, you’ll have to remove everything that’s on top.

Also, check that it has the adjustment items. So, it doesn’t matter your height and physical size, because your backpack will fit you like an outfit. Pay attention to the belly band, because it needs to be well padded.

Backpack Size

Backpack capacity is measured in liters. The bigger the capacity in liters, the bigger the backpack will be. There is a huge variety of sizes, starting from 10 and reaching over 90 liters.

The size of the travel backpacks you choose will depend largely on the type of backpack you choose attack backpack, trekking backpack, or travel backpack. Your travel style, travel time, and your size, and physical type will also count for a lot in this decision.

Trekking Backpack

When choosing the size of your trekking backpack, consider what you will be carrying in it. The weight and size of the tent and other equipment will influence the choice.

Another thing is your travel time, that is, the amount of luggage you will have. Consider whether you will have camp, whether you will have to bring your food, etc. Use the table below to have a base, but if you’re a woman, check out the other post so you don’t get size wrong.

Travel Bag

The size of your travel backpack will depend a lot on the time and destination. Cold places require larger spaces; beach requires space for towel, yoke, etc. Urban travel requires less space.

Attack Backpack

The size will depend a lot on what you are going to carry. The size of your camera, whether you will need food, etc. The indicated is a maximum of 30 liters.