Robert McDonald August 31, 2023

Traveling is exciting but can also disrupt your normal life and make it harder to keep your teeth healthy. According to Newtonbrook West family dentist, keeping healthy teeth and gums is essential no matter where you are in the world. Maintaining good oral hygiene when traveling is difficult for a variety of reasons. 

One’s dental care may be greatly affected by the type of travel they make as well as the nature of their job. Here are five suggestions for maintaining superb dental health when traveling to help you stay on top of your oral hygiene. These recommendations can help you maintain excellent dental hygiene regardless of your travel plans, whether you are a business traveler, a tourist, or just someone who likes to go out to discover new places. 

  • Schedule a dental appointment well ahead of the time you leave.

The last thing you want is to get to the location only to find out that you require emergency dental care. Visit your dentist before the time to get ready for your vacation. Just in case, give yourself plenty of time to set up a follow-up appointment.

  • Keep everything clean

You usually just throw your toothbrush into your toiletry bag when you pack, but how clean and tidy is the interior of that bag? Clean and disinfect your toiletry bag completely before leaving. While on vacation or a business trip, having bacteria grow on your toothbrush is not the best thing for your dental or general health.

  • Let it dry

Ideally, you should never keep your brush in something that keeps it wet. The bacteria can benefit from the moisture. Let your toothbrush air dry before putting it in a case or brush holder whenever possible. Make a practice of getting your toothbrush out of the box as soon as you arrive, cleaning it, and placing it someplace airy because that may not always be possible, and you might need to pack it away damp.

  • Instead, think about using a disposable toothbrush.

Using disposable toothbrushes will help you avoid the hassle of maintaining a clean, dry toothbrush when you are on the go. Although they might not be as efficient as the brush you use at home, you will not be concerned about your toothbrush becoming an incubator for bacteria while you are away from home.

  • Forgot the toothpaste?

Even if purchasing toothpaste at a convenience shop is easy, you should not let a last-minute toothpaste shortage keep you from brushing. Simply use regular water to brush your teeth as usual. Although toothpaste is certainly beneficial, it is still better to brush without it.