Deborah Patterson September 13, 2019


Smart casino players choose to play games that give the best odds. There is roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, and more casino games. A majority of people choose to play baccarat because of the simple rules and is not influenced by the dealer or other players.

Baccarat is said to originate from Italy and France, so it shares terms and phrases borrowed from French, Italian, Spanish, and more. Today, Baccarat is available in every English-speaking country. Their original terminology has been replaced with English parallels.

If you plan to improve your winning chances then it is necessary to understand the terms used while playing baccarat. Before you visit the online betting site Ufabet, it is wise to be informed about the widespread jargons and slangs the dealer and other players say while playing.

Action – Hands played and money wagered during the game means action.

Baccarat – Baccarat means ‘Zero’ in Italian and is the most horrible hand. If the bank or you have total ‘zero’, it is called Baccarat.

Banker bet – It is one of the 3 possible wagers you can opt for in the game. The house edge is small and the winner gets paid 1:1. However, a 5% commission is charged, so the low house edge evens out.

Banco – Dealer is called the banco in Baccarat.

Banque – A version of the traditional Baccarat game played in a few American casinos.

Burning – After shuffling, the top 3 to 6 cards are removed and the game gets started.

Callman – Even termed as a Croupier or a caller. He is a casino staff responsible to turn cards and call the points during the game. He also controls the third card rules.

Card counting – A system where players keep track of which cards got distributed from the shoe, to determine the most likely outcome of who will win – the banker or the player.

Carte – French term used for asking a card.

Chemin De Fer – Complicated Baccarat version played at European casinos.

Cheques – Exclusive chips designed for the Baccarat game.

Commission – Fees charged on the banker bets winnings to counteract the low house edge on the specific bet.

Coup – It means one round of Baccarat including a player hand and a banker’s hand.

Cut card – Special plastic card the dealer uses to cut the deck, after shuffling.

Dealer – At large casinos, there is two casino staff positioned on the table’s either side with a caller standing between them. Dealers handle the money and bets at the table but not the cards.

Down card – Down card is also called hole cards. They are cards turned face down.

Discard tray – It holds all the cards, which are discarded or played.

Face cards – Cards with portraits like Kings, Queens, and jacks are called face cards.

Fading – A term used for placing a wager.

House edge – The House edge is a margin that ensures the casino profits regardless of hand outcomes. It is an advantage that casinos have over the players.

La Grande – The best hand, which naturally totals 9.

La Petite – The little one naturally totaling to 8.

There is still a long list of slangs and jargons used in the game of Baccarat. You can gain a lot of information on online gaming websites even about the glossary used.