Kirk Barney May 26, 2020

Nasdaq is an electronic marketplace that functions globally for the buying and selling of securities. It came into existence when the NASD i.e., the National Association of Security Dealers created it to allow the investors to trade the securities on a computerized platform that had a speedy and transparent system. It went on to commence the operations right on February 08, 1971.

This term, “Nasdaq” is even used to denote the Nasdaq Composite that is basically an index of over 3,000 plus stocks that are listed right on the Nasdaq exchange. It includes the world’s leading technology and the biotech giants with the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Oracle, and Google.

About Nasdaq AMD

The terms AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices (nasdaqamd) at which is a semiconductor firm that functions across the world. The firm is indulged in providing x86 microprocessors, as the standalone gadgets or as incorporated the accelerated processing unit, the chipsets, professional graphics, discrete graphics processing units, and server and the embedded processors along with the semi-custom System-on-the-Chip products and the technology for the game consoles.

The firm’s segments generally include the graphics and computing segment, and the business, embedded and the semi-custom segment. The computing along with the graphic segment primarily includes the notebook processors and desktop and chipsets, professional graphics, and discrete GPUs. The enterprise, embedded and the semi-custom segment firstly includes the embedded processors and server, semi-custom SOC products, technology for the game consoles, development services, and licensing proportions of the intellectual property portfolio.

NASDAQ:AMD Stock Is Going Pretty Strong

Advanced Micro Devices has had a great run on share market along with stock up by the significant 21 percent over the recent month.

ROE or the return on equity is a pretty handy tool in order to assess how successfully a firm can go on to generate the returns on investment it received through its shareholders. In simple words, this is the profitability ratio that measures the rate of a return on capital offered by the firm’s shareholders.

Is Advanced Micro Gadgets Using Their Retained Earnings Positively?

Advanced Micro Gadgets does not pay any dividend to shareholders, meaning that the firm has been reintroducing all of its gains into a business. This is quite likely what is driving the high earning growth number.


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