Paul Petersen November 4, 2023
Used Forklifts for Sale – Choosing the Right Type of Truck

If you’re planning to buy equipment for commercial purposes, then make sure that you’ll get what you want. Even a chair for your workplace must suit the interior design because you’d like things to look organized. The same thing goes for your necessities which I believe you’ll purchase based on functions or purpose.

This only shows that you’re a responsible entrepreneur, too, because you don’t buy unnecessary pieces of stuff. Well, you have to be like that as a businessman because cash is important and should be spent wisely. When proper management is integrated within your organization, you as the owner, will make sure to provide every need.

Let’s assume that you have a logistics business, thus, you have all sorts of transportation for your delivery needs. Aside from that, you’ll need numerous forklift trucks for lifting, moving, and carrying the bulk of loads. If you think that this is an essential machine for running a smooth operation, then get the right type of truck.

What are forklift trucks?

They could be gas or electric-powered vehicles used in various industries. Anyway, you may buy used forklifts for sale, too, as long as they’re from trustworthy sellers. It’s also important that you know what you’re purchasing so don’t go picking one without background.

Anyway, these machines are powerful since they can carry heavy items, which is ideal for your cargo needs. You will be driving this all over your workplace, thus, learn the manual. Every brand differs and there could be added features as well so drivers must understand the functions first.

You usually have two options to choose from regarding how they will operate. If you prefer the electric type, then it could either need fuel cells or lead-acid batteries. The other type requires diesel, LPG, CNG, or natural gas.

Classes or Classifications

OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recognizes five types of forklifts according to class. It doesn’t matter what brand you want for certain applications. What’s more important is to determine the carriage based on OHSA class certification.

I Electric Counterbalanced

  • It’s 13” high and carries less than 1.1 tons.
  • Designed with 3-4-wheel electric models with tires that could be pneumatic or cushion.
  • Truck frames can be stable when the weight is in the rear or center.
  • The 3-wheel is best for indoor use since the floor is smoother, thus, turning and moving is good.
  • A 4-wheel is ideal for outdoor settings because of the rough ground – see for more details.

II Electric Narrow Aisle

  • 16” high and carries 1.1 to 2.75 tons.
  • It could be order pickers, turrets, and reach trucks.
  • Run on lithium-ion batteries or pure lead.
  • Used indoors.
  • Reach trucks which are designed with dual forks, and order pickers will lift pallets sent to top shelves and racks.
  • Order pickers come with a platform for the operator.

III Electric Motorized Hand Trucks

  • 20” high and lifting carries 2.75 to 5.5 tons.
  • These are designed with tow tractors or tuggers and pallet jacks for horizontal transporting.
  • Used to unload semi-trailers.
  • Some of these are called pallet stackers.

IV Internal Combustion Engine Trucks

  • 25” high and carries 5.5 to 8.8 tons.
  • Uses cushion tires.
  • They’re used indoors.
  • Run on an LPG or diesel.
  • Made for multiple purposes.
  • Travels up to 14 MPH.
  • Known for sustainability because you don’t have to recharge the batteries.

V Internal Combustion Engine Trucks

  • 7” high and carries 8.8 to 12 tons.
  • Runs on pneumatic tires.
  • These are designed for outdoors and indoors.
  • Tires could be solid or air-filled with tougher tread.
  • Can be used in industrial sites, such as construction since tires have good grips.
  • May be configured with a single or dual wheel.
  • They can run up to 20 MPH.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Used Forklifts

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Used Forklifts

Load capacity is a very important consideration when choosing machines made for lifting objects, especially in the logistics field – click this to learn more. You have loads to carry and transport in and out of your facility, where a variety of vehicles are present as well. Thus, it would be helpful to get something that can accommodate more weight for faster moving.

It would be great if you could find versatile ones so that the equipment can function no matter what is loaded. Let’s say that it should be built for multiple applications and settings, thus, allowing flexibility as well. Most of all, it would be good to buy secondhand trucks where you can add features and functions, too.

Again, considering the cost of one unit would be very expensive, especially for small businesses. That’s why it would benefit you if you could purchase a machine that suits your preferences and necessities in daily business operations. You just need to decide and be definite with your demands before grabbing this equipment.