Sharon Wright August 6, 2022

If you’ve struggled to pack on muscle or build strength even after years of weight training, one possible solution is in your pantry. Best post workout supplements for muscle growth can be a handy addition to your workout routine, but they’re not something you should take without being wholly educated on the topic.

Supplements come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in powders, pills, capsules, and liquids. Supplements marketed for strength training generally fall into one of three categories based on how they’re absorbed into the body: amino acid-based supplements, carb- or sugar-based supplements, and protein powder supplements.

Every supplement has a specific purpose to help your body achieve its goals. For example, protein powder is often used to gain muscle mass because it provides your body with essential amino acids that are sometimes hard to get from food sources alone. Powders are an excellent choice for anyone that finds capsules challenging to swallow, and they taste better than pills simply because they’re larger.

On the other hand, carb and sugar-based supplements often entered the supplement market to lose weight quickly. These supplements, known as thermogenic, trigger your body’s natural desire to burn fat and help you cut through stubborn belly fat in just a few days. As long as nothing else is causing your body any harm, these types of supplements can be beneficial for people looking to ignite their metabolism as well as slim down and tone up.

Protein powder supplements often take the longest time before your body begins to reap the benefits. Protein powder is designed to prevent muscle breakdown, so you’ll only benefit from it when you’re just starting to gain weight. If you find that protein powder is making it hard for you to put on mass, or if your gym gains aren’t as significant as you’d like them to be, it may be time to consider switching up your supplement regimen.

When buying an amino acid-based supplement, always check the list of ingredients before buying. Some supplements may contain artificial sweeteners or functional fillers that come at a high price if they’re not in the product. For example, if you’re trying to cut down on sugar and you see the word dextrose on the ingredients list, it’s probably not a supplement choice that will benefit your workout.

While some amino acid-based supplements can significantly impact your workouts, some won’t do much at all. Some amino acid supplements don’t get absorbed well into the body so you won’t be getting much out of them. Always check a product’s reviews before buying to ensure its effectiveness is worth the cost.

If you’re trying to build mass, but you can’t seem to get the gains you want, a protein powder supplement might be what your body needs. If a protein powder isn’t working for you after a few weeks, consider switching to an amino acid-based supplement or carb/sugar-based supplement and see if the results are different.