Clare Louise January 24, 2020

Some of the major tech giants have recently announced that it will be using the idea of facial recognition technology for the sake of monitoring and identifying players for some of their selected video games. This service is now covering the Chinese gaming world for its video game called “Honour of Kings.” In general, this game is a multiplayer online battling game, which has one of the highest grossing and most popular online game tagline in China.

Recent studies made:

Right at the end of September month the developers revealed that an estimation of around 1000 random chosen gamers has played this video game. They are now going to have their face mapped out and matched to ID photos in citizen database of that country.

  • This situation takes place after a decision was made by the company in 2017, where it is required to have real name credentials for logging onto this online gaming mode and also barring children under the age group of 12 years from playing this game for more than an hour per day between 8 am and 9 pm.
  • This game is advanced enough to blur the screen if it actually senses the face of the player coming closer to the screen. Even the All Casinos Canada is trying to get this method into action.

Reasons behind this new regulation:

These new regulations are actually because of the sharp criticism of the said gaming industry and mainly for this video game; in particular by none other than the government body itself. It was in the mouth of august, when the Chinese president called out excessive screen time as the main reason behind the high growth of near-sightedness among individuals, mostly in the children. At that time, the gaming companies were asked to take responsibilities for playing their parts right.

This criticism followed a report in 2015 that found out that around half of the Chinese population above 5 years of age have suffered from some kind of visual impairment. For fixing this issue, this gaming giant in particular took the idea of using facial recognition technology, to curb down the issue. It is one great initiative, which is likely to stay here for long.