Sharon Wright October 26, 2019

An Internship is a big opportunity to start a career. It teaches you lessons, experiences and ways to move towards a full time and rewarding job. It is a great way to get a real feel of how the job world works; and is a great chance to learn and grow. Let us look at some intern reviews and more important reasons which would encourage you to take up an internship –

New skills – The most important part of taking up an LMS is learning new skills and talents. An intern learns how to execute and complete tasks and learns how to sharpen his/her skills that they already have.  Most of us think that an internship is mostly running small chores or doing coffee rounds. Initially it could be possible to some extent. But that is not all there is to it! As a student you developed some skills and this is where you test your skills and hone them in the real job world.

Communication skills – A professional setting can be overwhelming for first timers. However, it is the best way one can find their way in the working scenario. One of the most important skills that one gains from being an intern is the learning of soft skills and how to talk with professionals. Having discussions with co-workers and your bosses is very much different as compared to talking with other students or your professors. Learning how to be appropriate and behave like a professional is a major part of being an intern. This helps you become confident and is the stepping stone to how you present yourself in job interviews.

Networks – As an intern you also need to create contacts and networks. This not only helps you in making new friends but also gives you lot of professional contacts. For this you need to be proactive, only then would people get to know you as well as remember you.

Criticism in the right spirit – It is but natural that criticism is not taken lightly by most. And it is natural to make mistakes. But the right way to go about it is to learn from these mistakes. Take your criticism and feedback in the right spirit and try and change as well as learn from it. Remind yourself that it is only for your own growth.

Be a hard worker – Your task might seem very unimportant. However, you need to put in your best in everything that you take up. That will teach you work ethics and you will be noticed by others. You ought to follow all instructions and rules of your work place.

Independence – Being an intern is to a large extent about taking orders and completing given tasks. But it is also about making your own decisions and learning to do stuff on your own. Working independently with just a little guidance goes a long way towards weaning you from the spoon fed existence you might have been used to.

Keep in mind that you are just starting out;but your work is important and you need to make a good impression. Take this as an opportunity, enjoy, make friends and learn too!