Jean Morgan February 8, 2018

There are various places for you to check out when looking for sports betting sites in 2018. These are sites that offer various types of bets on all kinds of sporting events. Some places have exciting bonus offers and even their own added casino features to make games all the more fun and enjoyable.

What Should You Find?

When looking for sports betting sites, you have to look for many points. These include such features as:

  • A good welcome bonus
  • A variety of extensive bets
  • Various additional games including bingo and other casino games
  • Support from a team that has been around for a while


BetOnline is an exciting place that offers many types of bets on sports events. You can place parlay bets and first and second half spreads among other points. Prop bets are also regularly offered to players looking to win big. You can get a 50% signup bonus of up to $2500 in value when you sign up to play. A special reload bonus for life is also available where you can get a 50% bonus on qualifying reloads.


JustBet is an exciting place that offers interesting bonus features. In addition to having the ability to place bets on many sporting events, you can also participate in regular streak contests where you can potentially earn more money based on how many correct bets you place in a row. The site also offers its own online casino that you can access with the same account. A 50% match bonus of up to $2500 is available here for all players.


Another popular place for sports betting, Bovada has bets on sporting events big and small. The place even has bets on e-sports events available for people to utilize. The site also has many casino activities including a bingo hall like what you see at TheBingoOnline. There are also online poker tables and a racebook available for people to check out. You can get a 50% bonus of $250 for sports bets here or a 100% bonus of up to $500 for other casino activities.


WagerWeb is one of the oldest places for online sports betting to check out. This place has been offering betting action since 1999. This place highlighted at has a 50% cash bonus of up to $1000 for sports bets. People can even verify their accounts on the site to get a $25 bonus right away. The site has its own mobile app that makes it easier for people to get their bets placed properly. The simple layout of the site and its many useful features make it a good place for people to see when betting on sports events online. Live betting and racebook features are also available here.


GTBets has one of the better bonus options for players to find. People can get a 100% match bonus of up to $500 in value ready. This is great for sports events and the racebook alike. The same account you have with GTBets can also be used on a casino site that offers an extensive number of bingo games. The service is especially popular for offering quick payouts.

A Final Word

All of the spots that you have read about here are worth checking out if you are interested in sports betting in 2018. Check on each place to see what they have to offer.