Edith Bryant February 17, 2021

Also called Clear Bra, paint protection film (or PPF) has grown over the years phenomenally.  It gives amazing gloss, great clarity and low texture in comparison to the previous films. However, it is very important to know that it has its installation restrictions and this is where the skills of a professional installer come into action. By design, the material is thick and shouldn’t be overworked which is why the installation should be done with great precision. This is why they say paint protection film installers are high skill workers.

  • Sometimes there are demands of custom installs

Though they don’t necessarily mean better installs, a lot of installers offer custom installation. A quality craftsman has the ability to modify the patterns and customize them according to the need. They offer complete wrapping according to the request made by the client. They are decked with a super precise system which wipes out the risk of cutting through PPF on the car. They are well-trained to render small trimming to the pattern. They can wrap almost every edge by modifying a pattern. This eradicates the need to cut on a car without getting rid of the body panels.

  • Corners, a skilled installer fully wraps all the corners

It is the selling and marketing USP used by a lot of installers to showcase their expertise in comparison to the other inferior installers. Though not all corners can be perfectly wrapped with PPF a professional installer can use an edge prep to keep the edges intact. They know the skill to lift and trim the PPF accordingly to fix without bunching up.

  • Edges should be tucked for a high-quality installation

When you tuck the edges with a couple mms or more, they will lift up and collect dirt. Hence, a professional installer tucks film under some trim as the adhesive of the PPF requires a solid base to hold onto. If the platform isn’t big enough the adhesive will fail to stick and collect dirt. Then the installer is likely to trim it and if they aren’t professional with hand cutting then they can cut into your car’s paint. However, skilled installers cut the film by aligning with the panel gaps which is barely noticeable.

PPF customer satisfaction depends on the skill and proficiency of the craftsman

In order to get satisfaction from your film, make sure you hire the best paint protection film installers. Do proper homework and find out what kind of film you want for your car. Also ask different questions to installers about their experience, work process and how they handle difficult installations.  Hire a company who isn’t new to PPF and has done some work before. 

In the end, paint protection film installation quality and satisfaction depend on the experience and care of the craftsmen who are installing it. So, hire someone who has experience even if you have to pay a bit more so that you have assurance and peace of mind for the end result you will get.