Edith Bryant April 5, 2018

In an age where a marriage doesn’t last until the fifth time around it’s good to know an excellent divorce lawyer who can show you around a court room and ensure that you get at least half of everything he owns.  When you’re sure it’s time here is what you need to look for in the lawyer of your choose.


Never, and I mean never hire a newbie.  As essential as it is that you keep your sights on the prize the outcome depends on the history of the person you choose.  Your lawyer should have already done his time as sidekick to someone great before he steps up to the plate to serve you. Do a background check.  Find out where he went to school, who he started with and how many cases he has won in the past.  You can know what your chances are long before you choose-so do by checking the references on the lawyer you choose to represent you through the financial challenges of divorce.


Ahh… the long list has been narrowed and it’s time to sift through the finalist and vet painstakingly.  Yes, it’s a very important step. Why? Simple, because you want a lawyer who will be in your favor. It would be wise to hire someone who has a preference for divorce work and has a standard price in the neighborhood. Someone who understands the importance of leaving your husband for leaving the toilet seat up.  Someone you can depend on to fight your cause at all costs who is not interested in just his percentage of the final settlement but shows concern when you throw tantrums over the fact that your ex had the audacity to ask for the diamond ring back. A good family law firm feels your pain and concern over the custody of your children, and team up with authentic Person Finder UK services to do extensive paternity traces when they arise. They know how much this all means to you.


You’re not rich yet and the husband still has control of the ‘you know what’ so what is very important is that the option of zero dollars up front is an option that you would like to have.  It called Pro bono and it should be a ‘fav’ for the Sydney family law firm you choose.  Someone who can hold out on payment until you have the money to pay is a wise option and should be hired immediately. Having trouble finding one of those should not be a problem as if the right lawyer sniffs a large settlement looming he will offer before the word appear in the far reaches of your mind and they won’t ever get the chance to touch your lips.  


All options taken into consideration the last decision is does it feel right.  Am I comfortable with this lawyer’s personality, with his walk and his talk and his style.  Did he make a presentation that seeks my best interests, and do you feel that he can be trusted?  It is important that it feels right because if it doesn’t the venture may fail before it starts and your goal of getting the house and the Maserati in the settlement may not succeed.