Kirk Barney August 7, 2020

Live bets or live bets are those that are played while the event on which we want to bet is in dispute in other words, in the case of sports betting, while the game is being played. This type of betting combines the emotion of betting with the monitoring of our favorite sporting events, making them increasingly popular. The increasing proliferation of stores specialized in this type of betting, such as Sportium, attests to sbowin | www.sbowin.

The Right Options

To all this is added a fundamental factor that makes them very conducive to earning money with them: the rapid variations in the value of the fees that occur during the course of the matches. Each goal scored by a soccer team drastically varies the odds of the final result, which generates, live, very rapid changes in the value of odds. It is generated from CelebratingIn this way, a dynamic that is often very similar to that experienced by stock market traders, where the prices of the results vary continuously over time, creating great opportunities to make an investment profitable.

  • And it is precisely these two factors, the emotional psychology of being involved in this constant evolution of our odds of success along with the rapid changes that occur in the odds, which makes them both risky and interesting for the bettor. Risk and benefit are, basically, both sides of the same coin. That is why if we want to approach the world of live betting it is essential to do so with great caution, well informed and carefully analyzing the risks we embark on.

For all the above, it is essential to know the different tactics with which to approach this type of betting, both fascinating and dangerous. In this way we will be able to implement the action plan that is most appropriate at all times, depending on the quotas, the teams involved and the development of the match.

The basis of all live betting tactics: the dynamics of odds

As we mentioned before, during the development of sporting events the odds of the different results change depending on the development of the match. On the one hand, every so many times scored – be they goals in a soccer game, basketball baskets or tennis games and sets varies the probability of the final outcome. Also the passage of time itself changes these probabilities: it does not have the same probability of ending in a tie a game that is in the first minute 0 to 0, as if we are in the 85th minute with the same scoreboard.

The Other Deals

In other articles we have already shown that probability and odds are very closely related, to which must be added the effect of pressure from the betting market itself, that is, the perception of the final outcome of the participants in that market. If a team dominates a match, has many chances to score and is the clear owner of the ball, bettors will think that they are more likely to win the match during the course of the game, they will place more bets in their favor and they will move the betting line Swing Quotastas that is, they will lower the fees in the direction of that result.